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Karl Comendador Sketched Mayor Duterte’s Comic Book Called “Digong: Ang Kanlungan ng mga Inaapi at Inaabuso”

by | Posted on: April 15th, 2016 | No Comments | Politics
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Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte features its own kind of comic book, however the comics is completely different from the controversial comics of Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas.



Based on the camp of the tough-talking Davao City Mayor, the comics were already sent out by his followers in Mindanao area.

Mayor Rody Duterte’s comic book was sketched by the same artist who did the controversial comic book of Mar Roxas which acquired a number of negative comments on social media and blogs after several Yolanda survivors doesn’t agree with the written content of the said comic book, where Mar Roxas pictured like a hero throughout the barrage of the super typhoon which hits Tacloban City.

Komiks artist Karl Comendador explained in an interview with the press that he already completed the comic books “Digong: Ang Kanlungan ng mga Inaapi at Inaabuso,” which based on the artist, the comics was started out last year, way before he was commissioned to draw the controversial “Sa Gitna ng UnosMar Roxas comics.

The ten page “Digong” komiks was authored by former Atlas Komiks editor KC Cordero and also Atlas writer JM Estrabela. The story plot illustrates just how Rody Duterte fought against a unlawful gang which attempted to infiltrate Davao City. Apart from the criminal group, the so-called Duterte comics also showcased a tale of a boy who received prosthetic legs from the Davao City Mayor.



Based on the artist of the now-popular Mayor Digong komiks, he’s a proud supporter of the tough-talking mayor of Davao City who ruled not just the nation’s surveys but even the political rallies he carried out in the various areas of the Philippines. The artist considered that Mayor Duterte is definitely an effective president.

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