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KMJS: A Lava Story | Taal Volcano Eruption Wedding Backdrop

by | Posted on: January 19th, 2020 | No Comments | Viral Stories

Despite of the Taal Volcano eruption last week, the wedding of now Mr. and Mrs. Chino and Kat Vaflor went on.

Actually, it even became one of the hot topics in social media as the ash and the billowing smoke from the volcano gave a dramatic backdrop on their wedding day.

According to the couple, they followed almost all of the superstition beliefs. For example, Kat didn’t wear her bridal gown before their wedding day.

“Pag baba ko tatanong muna nila sa bantay sa kaniya kung nandun siya,” said Chino.

However, the couple realized later that they missed one where they encountered several delays.

At around 11:00 AM, they have noticed something in their surrounding particularly on the Volcano.

“Pictorial namin ng mga entourage sa labas, sino-shoot nila ako and then sino-shoot din nila yung steaming nung Taal, dun sila talaga naka focus,” said Kat.

Watch the video above to know their whole story: