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Liberal Party Is Planning To Launch Black Propaganda In Mindanao According To Duterte Camp

by | Posted on: March 26th, 2016 | No Comments | Politics
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A source saying as being an insider in the Liberal Party, the camp of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said that the LP is organizing to start an immense smear campaign up against the mayor in Mindanao in a few days.



The plot is to reportedly picture Duterte as a pro-American candidate hiding behind the platform of federalism to allow easy access for US companies to the rich mineral resources of Mindanao, particularly metallic ores,” the mayor’s camp quoted the source as saying. “They want to picture Duterte’s populist image as a mere façade to push for a federal system of government. Once it is in place, they will say it will grant easy access for the US to establish US bases in Mindanao.

Based on the source of the alleged black propaganda, the plan is going to be started by devoted Liberal Party people in Mindanao in the vital final half of the presidential campaign time period to be able to deteriorate Rody Duterte’s mind-boggling level of popularity in the region.

As evidence of his solid showing, Duterte’s side pointed to his 47 percent voter choice score in Mindanao.

That figure has been rock solid for Duterte who elevated crime, illegal drugs and corruption as national issues, something no presidential candidate has ever done before,” Duterte’s camp explained.

Responding to the proposed plot, Duterte’s spokesperson Peter Laviña stated it only reaffirms the Liberal Party’s frustration and the mayor’s solid place.

No amount of money and devilish plot can revive (Mar) Roxas’ candidacy,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer cited him as telling. “This only affirms our conviction that they see Duterte as the strongest candidate with a realistic shot at winning the presidency.

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