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List Of Grocery Items That Has A Buying Limit Set By DTI To Prevent Hoarding Or Panic Buying

by | Posted on: April 3rd, 2020 | No Comments | News

The Department of Trade and Industry has released a list of essential goods and the quantity per transaction.

According to DTI, the said list which they have published on their official Facebook page on April 3 is with the accordance with the MC No. 20-07 and 20-10. This is to prevent hoarding or panic buying.

The said government agency also added a caption on the said post which says: “LOOK | The list of essential goods and the quantity limit per transaction as per MC No. 20-07 and 20-10.
Consumers and retailers are enjoined to purchase and sell, respectively, products referred to herein at a limited quality to prevent hoarding or panic buying.”

List Of Essential Goods That Has A Buying Limit Set By DTI
Note: Any person, natural or judicial, who buys, or sells or offers for sale the following additional vital or essential goods (regardless of brand) are hereby REQUIRED TO LIMIT THE QUANTITY OF THE SALE OF PURCHASE thereof in accordance with the this table:
GoodsQuantity Limit per Transaction
Disinfectant wipes or Towelettes (such as wet wipes and baby wipes)Four (4) containers of pack
Locally-produced Detergent soapPowder: -Two (2) bundles if sold in sachet - Two (2) boxes
Locally-produced Detergent soapBar: - Two (2) long bars (bareta) or equivalent thereof.
ToothpasteFour (4) tubes
MouthwashFour (4) bottles
Canned PorkTen (10) cans
Canned BeefTen (10) cans
Cooking OilFour (4) bottles or pack
Locally produced condiments (soy sauce, vinegar, fish sauce)Two (2) bottles of packs of each type of condiment
Dried FishSix (6) packs
70% Solution antiseptic or Disinfectant alcohol2 pcs., regardless of volume
Hand sanitizer2 pcs., regardless of volume
Disinfecting Liquids2 pcs., regardless of size
Bath Soap5 bars (if individually sold) 1 pack (if sold as pack)
Toilet Paper10 pcs (if sold per roll) 1 pack (if sold as pack)
Face Masks5 pcs N88 (surgical) any type or brand | 5 pcs N95 (industrial) any type or brand
Locally produced instant noodles (mami, pancit canton)5 pcs per type per brand
Locally produced canned sardines5 cans per type per brand (regular size) | 3 cans per type brand (big size)
Canned Regular Milk5 cans per type per brand (small) | 2 cans per type per brand (other than small)
Powdered Milk in Sachet2 bundles per brand
Instant Coffee In Sachet2 bundles per brand
Mineral Water10 bottles any brand (small) | 8 bottles any brand (medium) | 5 bottles any brand (large) | 2 bottles any brand (extra large)
Loaf Bread4 packs any kind, any brand (half loaf) | 2 packs any kind, any brand (whole loaf)