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List Of Smart Broadband Promos 2020

by | Posted on: January 1st, 2020 | No Comments | Promo

Below is the list of Broadband promos offered by Smart Telecom network to all of its prepaid subscribers across the Philippines for the year 2020.

Promo NameService OfferedHow to register?CostValidity
Surf Max 50

  • Smart Surf Max offers a 800MB of Data allocation per day. Once the limit is reach, the service will continue however the connection speed may flactuate. Note: All SurfMax offers 3G, 4G and LTE if available

Text SurfMax50 to 22001 Day₱50
Surf Max 85Text SurfMax85 to 22002 Days₱85
Surf Max 200Text SurfMax200 to 22005 Days₱200
Surf Max 250Text SurfMax250 to 22007 Days₱250
Surf Max 500Text SurfMax500 to 220015 Days₱500
Surf Max 995Text SurfMax995 to 220030 Days₱995

Important: The above information may change without prior notice.