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Live: Wanted Sa Radyo | February 17, 2021 (Wednesday) | Raffy Tulfo In Action

by | Posted on: February 17th, 2021 | No Comments | Public Affairs Program

This is the February 17, 2021 (Wednesday) edition of Wanted sa Radyo with the tagline Kakampi ng mga Inaapi is a public affairs program that airs every weekday (Mondays to Fridays) at 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (PHI time).

Below are the issues tackled in today’s episode:

  • For the first complaint, alias “Ana,” along with her auntie, complained against her womanizer father, alias “Dennis,” who sexually assaulted her since her first year in primary school. She was 7 years old back then. Ana reiterated how her very own father would force her to watch pornographic materials, and then afterwards, Dennis would re-enact the video they’ve watched to her.
  • To his defence, Dennis said that Ana showed sexual motives and lured him several times to make love with him, to which, according to him, he eventually said yes. The respondent’s relatives, however, belied Dennis’ claims and sided with their aggrieved niece.
  • Five netizens were asked for their side on the matter. Dra. Camille Garcia, a psychologist in The Clinic of the Holy Spirit, was phoned to assess the complainant’s young psyche. Also, P/Lt. Melanie Ritcha of Antipolo PNP was contacted to swiftly disarm Dennis, who uttered grave threats towards them according to Ana’s aunties.
  • After the brief news break, Mr. Christian Geres thanked Wanted Sa Radyo. He was the fortunate winner of a P5,000 “giveaway” of the program yesterday. Mr. Raffy Tulfo then immediately said the mechanics on how to win today’s “giveaway.” Raffy asked netizens what specific issue the next episode of Wanted Ang Serye will tackle this week.
  • For the second complaint, Mr. Alejandro Benitez contacted the program to air his grievances on his mother, Mrs. Fe Benitez. Alejandro stressed that in his 21 years of existence, he doesn’t felt the love and caress of her mother, who worked and made ends meet in the province, specifically in Iloilo, when he was young.
  • After the brief news break, Ms. Neriza Lara answered Raffy’s giveaway question. And she answered the question right, and ergo she was awarded P5,000.
  • For the third complaint, 27-year-old housewife Mrs. Veronica Gamilla complained against Mrs. Francia Barnedo, a teacher. Veronica alleges that Francia is a troublemaker, and because of this, residents of a certain residential area petitioned her to vacate the area for good. However, the respondent belied the complainant’s complaint and reiterated that there is already an ongoing hearing between her and Veronica’s relatives. Mocked by the complainant’s closest family, Francia said she is just waiting for a certificate to file action from their barangay to elevate her case against the Gamillas further.
  • For the fourth complaint, Mr. Oscar Berou, on behalf of his co-workers, complained against their boss. The complainants were quarantined inside their boss’s mansion when they tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). After they tested negative, they were retrenched. Ms. Anek Cabaria Ong, speaking on behalf of DMX Sales, the company where the complainant’s worked previously, alleges that their retrenchment stems from the effects of the pandemic.

Note: Live streaming starts at 2:00 PM. Refresh this window at the scheduled time to watch the video.

At the same time, the show is also aired in Radyo5 92.3 News FM, Facebook Live and an hour delayed telecast in Aksyon TV.

The said program is hosted by “Idol” Raffy Tulfo and Sharee Roman as both personalities look into mistreatment, corruption, and oppression.

Wanted sa Radyo is not biased as it listens both the complainant and the complainee until the issue brought to their show got clarified. In order for the hosts to provide the best advice, they reach out to government public offices and if needed also to private sectors.