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Mayor In Iloilo Under The Banner Of Liberal Party Seen Carrying A Cross During The Lenten Season

by | Posted on: March 26th, 2016 | No Comments | Viral Stories
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For many Filipino Roman Catholics, the Holy Week is thought to be a time of reflection and atonement, it’s a time of celebration for the new life the majority of Christian believers earned throughout the world but what may happen if a number of political personality makes use of the special event as part of his campaign method?



This is exactly what transpired to a member of the ruling Liberal Party of the Philippines in Iloilo who was noticed carrying a cross in general public throughout the Lenten season. The picture that was shown on social networking sites, grew to become among the popular subjects on Facebook as well as on other social media found online.

Rather than receiving the interest favorably for his actions involving carrying the cross in public places, the politician started to be an instant celeb and received the eye he deserved from netizens, the only issue is that the attention he got is really damaging to his publicity.





Several netizens who discovered the viral photograph responded that what the Mayor have done and construed was simply a “tactic” to gain’s people’s empathy particularly that the long awaited May 2016 national election is coming soon.


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