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Michelle Dee Q&A (Question and Answer) Portion | 2019 Miss World Philippines

by | Posted on: September 16th, 2019 | No Comments | Entertainment

Here is how Ms. Michelle Dee nailed her Question and Answer portion during the 2019 Miss World Philippines.

Here was the question was given to her by the judge she selected:

“In this age of digital technology what invention from the last century do you think should make a comeback?”

And here was her reply:

“If I were to choose one invention in the last century probably be polaroid film,” Dee said.

“I am an avid lover of art, I love photography and I love the kind of energy and feel polaroids can make. Just being able to lay everything out and to go through or go down memory lane is such a different feeling. I love the fact that polaroids… thank you.” The newly crowned queen added.

The Q&A portion is probably the most crucial moment of any beauty pageants.

This is where a candidate will prove to the judges as well as to the spectators that beyond her beauty she also posses the intellect.