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Nadine Lustre Says Quarantine Period Helped Her Understand, Discover Herself More

by | Posted on: October 25th, 2020 | No Comments | Entertainment

In a virtual conference for her new visual album titled “Wildest Dreams,” Nadine Lustre bared that there was a point in her life when her insecurity about her songwriting skills hindered her from continuing his aspirations to compose and release her own songs.

Despite this, just like any other person who was forced to stay at home due to the government’s implementation of quarantine “stay-at-home” protocols to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, Lustre said that the quarantine period has helped her understand and discover herself more. Hence, she was able to gain confidence and finish her newest visual album, where her former boyfriend and Careless Music founder James Reid will be in one of the songs.

“I haven’t done this before. I always doubted my writing. But I’m very blessed with the Careless guys to support me. I want to have my own sound. I’m still on a path on finding that one,” Lustre said.

Lustre added that the album production started last year, but it was during the lockdown season where it really kicked off. The videos, as per the Kapamilya singer-actress, were filmed from the end of August until September in a studio, in parts of the Manila Hotel and Caylabne Resort.

Lustre’s “Wildest Dreams,” which according to Nadine and James focuses “mainly on empowerment and self-love,” is slated to premiere on Careless Music’s and ABS-CBN’s Youtube channels on October 31 at 9 PM.

Meanwhile, when asked why she opted for a message album, Lustre stressed: “A lot of people message me and kind of look up to me when it comes to empowerment or being strong and fearless. This is the perfect platform or catalyst to help empower and inspire people who listen to my music.”