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Netizen Claims DITO SIM Card Also Works On iPhone, XiaoMi?

by | Posted on: March 9th, 2021 | No Comments | News

A netizen said through his social media account that DITO’s SIM Card also works on other smartphone devices like iPhone and Xiaomi which aren’t part of their official compatible handset list where the company announced earlier.

Facebook user Drew Sarmiento shared his experience through a socmed post where he got mixed reactions after acquiring the service of the third telco player. He started his write-up with praises to the new company where seems like it meets his expectation with regards to the promised fast connectivity and its affordability.

However, his second and third line items started to get a little bit sour as the netizen pinpoint some areas where DITO needs to do improvements.

“Probably gonna make a video of my DITO Telecommunity experience. My takeaways, 1. It’s fast and cheap. 2. They need a better marketing communications team. 3. Their “Compatibility” list is Shady and complete BS, I made it work on an iPhone AND a Xiaomi. 4. If they just worded it properly like “buy a new phone and qualify to get a dito sim” then people wouldn’t be as disappointed as they are. I saw some people go to the partner retailers and leave either angry or disappointed at not being able to get a sim unless they buy a new phone. True, you can buy a SIM ONLY via their website dito.ph BUT you have to transact using a phone in their “compatible” list in order to do so. I had to use someone’s Vivo phone to try and order a sim online (as of this writing, no further email received except for the registration acknowledgement). All I can say is, Paspas mo/Mabilis kayo, that’s True. Totoong Mabilis talaga ang Dito network pero KLARUHIN NYO, be more specific in your communications and marketing. Don’t tell people it won’t work on their phones if it isn’t on your “compatible” list cause a little manual APN change and it will work on phones not on the list. It’s the first day, Speed wise and voice quality – I’m happy. Procedure for roll out and the way the sim is being sold – needs improvement. Pero yes, Welcome DITO. Hopefully better days to come.
P.S. I did have to manually change the APN settings to access the net. For iPhone I toggled the VoLTE on. For Xiaomi I had to research and activate VoLTE via a code. So far so good. My home in Banilad doesn’t have signal but all throughout the city’s major thoroughfares the signal is pretty good. Voice quality is great. Shoutout to the Dito team Carla Rodriguez for being very open minded, cool, kind and receptive to feedback.
P.P.S. I’m not here to put down Dito. I just want to give a fair and unbiased consumer perspective based on actual usage. Hey DITO TELECOM – CEBU, if you need help, send a pm” – Drew Sarmiento

DITO officially launched its service yesterday but for now only available to areas of Cebu and Davao. They also released a Welcome Promo where a subscriber can avail of its unlimited DITO-to-DITO calls and text plus their popular demand, the unlimited data.