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A New “Badjao Girl” Has Just Been Discovered

by | Posted on: November 8th, 2018 | No Comments | Viral Stories
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Still remember Rita Gaviola who shook the social media and then later tagged as the “Badjao Girl” because of her natural beauty?

Well, it seems there’s another “Badjao Girl” who was just discovered and as expected it shook the social media universe.

The young badjao girl was seen near SM Novaliches, Quezon by students who were working with their school project.

Netizen Doms Quintua posted the images he was able to capture in his social media account last October 28 and it was heavily shared.

The group of students were doing their Oral Communication project which is an investigative report type where they took footage of Badjaos living in the city and understand their lifestyle.

When they’re conducting their interview, Quintua can’t help but to notice the beauty of the young girl.

Similar to Rita’s story on how her populairty got exploded, netizens admired the new “Badjao Girl’s” flawless morena skin and beautiful appearance.

Several netizens left comments on the post of Quintua asking what is the secret of having a great skin and looks despite that they’re living in the streets.

Here are some more of the comments:


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