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P100,000 For Every Filipino Who Will Reach The Age Of 100

by | Posted on: June 29th, 2016 | No Comments | News
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The outgoing Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino has approved a law offering cash rewards for Filipinos who’ve attained the age of 100 years.



The new official order, Republic Act 10868, an Act Honoring and Granting Additional Benefits and Privileges to Filipino Centenarians, is among the last measures to be approved by the President before he steps down from office on June 30.

Apart from offering a P100,000 gift from the government, centenarians will also be provided due acknowledgement for their share to the society and will participate in yearly celebrations honouring them via the National Respect for Centenarians Day, which is going to be held every September 25.

Previously, Senators had searched for that Filipinos who reach the age of 100 be honoured for their “rare gift of longevity and in appreciation of their contribution to their communities.

Based on Senator Nancy Binay, it is enshrined in the country’s constitution that the seniors should be highly regarded and honoured and that they should be provided care by the government.

Our centenarians are living proof that we can overcome the trials of life and still reach the age of 100 and beyond,Binay said, adding that the latest law was Aquino’s parting gift to the elderly.

In 2013, an identical measure supplying rewards for centenarians was vetoed by Aquino amid worries that a provision on the proposal would overburden businesses offering reduced prices for products or services given to them.

Based on Congressman Edcel Lagman, there are around 3,500 Filipinos aged 100 and above who’ll reap the benefits of this new law.

I must say it was really a long wait but it was well worth the wait,” Lagman said.

On behalf of all the co-authors of the Centenarians Act, I would like to thank our President for giving it the green light at last,” added by the lawmaker .

The elderly in the Philippines are among the most overlooked area in the society. Not every one of them are offered old age perks just like in other nations.

The majority are left within the care of their loved ones together with little or no assistance coming from the state aside from senior citizen discounts on medicines and food.

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