Pinoy Box Break


Pinoy Combine The Talent Of Video Editing And Dance Move… The Result Is Amazing

by | Posted on: November 18th, 2015 | No Comments | Viral Stories
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Another gifted person prove that Pinoys have the international level talents that is worthy to be shown worldwide.

That man is Rex Hart Valdez a resident of Don Carlos, Bukidnon who wowed the netizens with his awesome dance moves backup with the hit song of Ed Sheeran, “Thinking Out Loud”.

The move, the choreography and style left a lot of people in awe. He got the talent on how to tell a story using the motion of his body.

Just for the curios readers, the video you have watched was edited and it was intentionally created to appear that there is a twin dancing.

Rex Hart is currently taking BS Education major in Mathematics at the Univerity of Immaculate Conception.


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