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Pinoy Traveller Spotted VP Jejomar Binay Look-Alike Driving Taxi In Indonesia

by | Posted on: March 26th, 2016 | No Comments | Viral Stories
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While on a trip in Indonesia, a Filipino netizen came across Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay’s look-alike. Apparently, VP Jojo Binay look-alike works as a cabbie in Indonesia.


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Cess Barcenas shared several photos on Facebook of VP Binay’s look-alike and also a parody tale of the UNA (United Nationalist Alliance) bet tossing the towel for this year’s presidential race to follow his dream about becoming a taxi driver. This is all in the spirit of sending off good vibes.

Checkout the pictures below and see the resemblance.


Cess Barcenas / facebook


Cess Barcenas / facebook


Cess Barcenas / facebook


Cess Barcenas / facebook


Cess Barcenas / facebook

Breaking News:

With an apparent change of heart, Vice President and presidential candidate Jejomar Binay has thrown the towel early in the presidential fight.

In an interview, Jejomar said:
“I had an epiphany in my sleep and will not push through with the campaign. I have earned a lot during my term as Mayor of Makati and Vice President. I am now giving up.”

When asked of his future plans, the outgoing vice president quips:
“I have been working all my life and have earned a lot of money and properties but it has always been my passion to drive, now I will pursue my dream by being a Taxi driver in my new company: ‘Only Binay Taxi.’”

Joke lang!! Teehee T_T

Also the Pinoy Traveler posted a video.

Only Binay! 🙂 #binay #Halalan2016 #Phvote #onlyBinay

Posted by Cess Barcenas on Thursday, March 24, 2016


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