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President Duterte Is Scheduled To Meet U.S. President Barack Obama

by | Posted on: August 30th, 2016 | No Comments | News
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The White House has recently announced the upcoming meeting of United States President Barack Obama and the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.



There have been few situations in the past which gave rise to the matter that some other countries may stop assisting the Philippines because of several statements released by the Philippine head. However, other information also indicated that the nation continues to have the support of overseas giants.

In a latest news report in ABS-CBN News, it entailed that U.S. President Barack Obama will soon meet up with President Duterte. The planned date of meeting is this coming Sept. 6.

Based on the information, the Palace anticipates the human rights as well as security concerns to be discussed in the said meeting next Tuesday.

Ben Rhodes, the Deputy National Security Adviser of White House, likewise validated that the Palace anticipates the challenges on the latest statements released by President Duterte could be one of the subjects to be discussed in the upcoming meeting.

In addition, the Deputy National Security Adviser confirmed as well that significant topics like how to overcome the situation over the South China Sea will be also discussed.

With regards to the meeting of both presidents (China and Philippines), none is booked to go to each other’s border but rather it will occur in Laos as the report stated. President Obama and President Duterte will be two of the delegates of the summit for leaders from Pacific Rim nations.

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