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Pinoy Box Break

Raffy Tulfo In Action: Indian National Wanted To Take Back Things He Gave Worth 3 Million Pesos From His Filipina Girlfriend

by | Posted on: September 26th, 2019 | No Comments | Public Affairs Program

Mr. Panthayil Haridas, an Indian national visited the show of Mr. Raffy Tulfo In Wanted sa Radyo to make a complaint against his Filipina girlfriend.

According to his accusation, his lover Catherine Baldon asking things from him which includes a car, house and lot.

Likewise, it was mentioned that Catherine wanted even more financial support and if he’s not able to meet those wishes then his girlfriend will do something that he hated the most.

As per their conversation, it was said that Catherine is working as a bar girl in Singapore.

Panthayil and Catherine knew each other through social media.

Also, Mr. Haridas mentioned that Catherine wanted easy money. He offered a business and even education support but his girlfriend refused.

“I offer her business, she told me no she don’t want to do business. I offer her to study, she everything refuses,” said Mr. Haridas.

To clarify the situation, the show host contacted Catherine via a phone call. It was found out that Ms. Baldon also has a complaint from his boyfriend.

Watch the video above to know the full details of their story.