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Raffy Tulfo In Action: Jocelle Inocencio Backstage Interview | September 16, 2019

by | Posted on: September 16th, 2019 | No Comments | Public Affairs Program

Here is the backstage interview of Jocelle Inocencio who worked as a housemaid of the Russian national who lives in the United Arab Emirates.

Before Jocelle appeared to the afternoon public service program of idol Raffy Tulfo she had an interview with the show host to answer the allegations thrown at her by Mrs. Manar Al Khebi.

Jocelle was well prepared and with her is a checklist of all of the accusations relayed by her employer in UAE.

She answered it one after another to Mr. Tulfo in hopes that it will clear-up her name as the majority of the show viewers and netizens who knew the story are against her.

Likewise, Jocelle also explained her claim about how she and Manar had a love affair.

However, things went upside down for Jocelle when she was in the live broadcast of the show. It was later found out that Jocelle is not telling the whole truth.

With the help of the two witnesses who accompanied Manar in the show, they were able to pinpoint the real story.

Watch the video above to know the details of the reported case.