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Raffy Tulfo In Action: (Part 1) Wife, Wants Husband To Go “High” Before They Go To Bed | January 28, 2018

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Mrs. Cherry Cerilo seeks help from idol Raffy Tulfo to settle the misunderstandings from her husband, Elmer Cerilo.

During the live broadcast it seems that the problem was that the husband is having too much jealousy towards his wife.

Even Mr. Tulfo agreed that having that kind of intense feelings on someone’s partner is no longer healthy.

“Elmer walang hong masama na magselos kasi kung minsan ang pagseselos ay signs of love as long na nasa lugar, it’s a healthy gesture,” Mr. Tulfo said.

“Pero pag yung sinasakal mo na siya sa sobrang selos unhealthy na ho yun,” he added.

Then the husband explained his side why he’s having that feelings against his wife. As he clarified the wife commented and there’s a big secret got revealed.

“Sir sinabi ko po sa kaniya na tamang hinala lang po yan iniisip mo lang yan dahil naggamit ka,” Cherry said.

Quickly idol Raffy interrupted her and clarified what she meant with “Naggamit ka”.

“Naggamit po siya sir ng ipinagbabawal na gamot,” she added.

After hearing that, it seems the the show host lost the trust on the husband’s credibility since he’s now tagged as a drug addict.

While Elmer still talking to defend himself, Mr. Tulfo didn’t gave him the chance to continue.

“Sir hindi ko sayanging oras ko sa’yo,” idol Raffy said.

The couple were asked to transfer to a different booth still inside the building of TV5 for further discussion, then another big secret was revealed.

Watch the entire video above the know their entire story.

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