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Raffy Tulfo In Action (Part 2): 26-Years-Old Teacher Having A Love Affair With A Minor | March 26, 2019

by | Posted on: March 26th, 2019 | No Comments | Public Affairs Program
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Here is the most awaited part 2 of the story we entitled “26-Years-Old Teacher Having A Love Affair With A Minor”.

The parents of the minor named Noel were back in the studio of TV5 to inform idol Raffy that their son finally went home after they made their earlier TV appearance.

This time around Noel is with them and the show host wasted no time and asked him several questions in order to know the reason why he left his family for his much older girlfriend.

“Anong nangyari sa’yo? Alalang-alala yung mga parents mo kaya napasugod dito sa amin,” idol Raffy asked Noel.

The minor boyfriend clarified that he wasn’t missing in the first place since his parents is fully aware where they went.

“Nung umalis kami alam nila kung saan kami pupunta alam nila kung sino kasama ko at anong gamit ang dala ko na iyon,” Noel said.

It was also later revealed that Noel is having an issue with his parents because according to him they have favoritism in the family.

Later in the video, idol Raffy contacted the girlfriend, Angelika Uy who is working as a teacher to give some advise.

Watch the entire the video above to learn more about the story.

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