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Raffy Tulfo In Action: (Part 5) Edwin Madrideo, Sheerlyn Gerasta’s BF In Saudi Planning To Return To Philippines? | January 26, 2018

by | Posted on: January 26th, 2019 | No Comments | Public Affairs Program
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According to the husband of Sheerlyn Gerasta, the OFW who got deported from Saudi, Edwin Madrideo is scheduled to return to the Philippines this coming February.

If you can recall, Madrideo is the main reason why Sheerlyn got deported from KSA because of her illicit love affair with him.

According to Charlie Lozada, Edwin is working as an Engineer also in Saudi and belittled him in one of their conversations.

However, several netizens are not convinced that Mr. Madrideo is really an Engineer but instead an ordinary helper. Some of them even posted a picture of him lifting some stuff from the ground.

When Charlie learned that his rival is planning to return to the country and his wife also plans to meet him and live together for good, it breaks his heart.

For now, Sheerlyn went back to her province and Charlie continue his life in Metro Manila.

For sure, idol Raffy and his Raffy Tulfo in Action will monitor the couple especially if Edwin is back in the Philippines.

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