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Raffy Tulfo Made His Statement Regarding To A Bigamy Case Filed By Julieta Nacpil Licup

by | Posted on: June 11th, 2019 | No Comments | News

Mr. Raffy Tulfo made his statement regarding to the Bigamy case filed by Mrs. Julieta Nacpil Licup.

Also known as “idol Raffy” to his millions of followers in social media used his afternoon program Wanted sa Radyo to voice out his side.

Right off the bat of his June 11, 2019 edition of the program, Mr. Tulfo delivered his statement.

According to idol Raffy, the complainant is currently married to a foreigner and he has several pictures to prove that.

He also mentioned that Mrs. Licup has filed a presumptive death against him many years ago which was also approved by the court in order to make her marriage legal with the foreigner.

Also, later in his message, Mr. Tulfo has revealed the reason why Mrs. Julieta Nacpil Licup filed a case against him. The complainant is asking a large amount of money from the show host.

Watch the video above to know the full details of the story.