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Sampaguita Girl Veronica Rodillas Was Featured In A Photo Book Back In 2013

by | Posted on: January 4th, 2019 | No Comments | Viral Stories
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Veronica Rodillas or also known as the Sampaguita Girl was featured in a photo book back in 2013.

After her pictures got uploaded on social media prior to the start of the New Year, her popularity went through the roof.

However, GMA News unearthed another photos of her which dates back almost six years ago when professional photographer Rick Rocamora published a photo book called “LIFE’S ARCADE: QUIAPO”.

On that book we can see the much younger Rodillas as one of the vendors around the Quiapo church.

“She was a recipient of financial help to cover some of her college expenses for a time period from an anonymous benefactor,” he wrote.

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In her interview with the GMA News, she was asked if she wanted to enter showbiz if someone offer her?

“Ang hirap po sagutin kasi nakasanayan ko na pong magtinda tapos tumulong sa mama ko,” Rodillas said.

Photo Credits: Rick Rocamora


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