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Sarah Geronimo Says She’s Still Adjusting To Her Married Life With Husband Matteo Guidicelli

by | Posted on: October 21st, 2020 | No Comments | Entertainment

Sarah Geronimo, the country’s pop star royalty, shared that despite living under one roof for eight months now with her husband Matteo Guidicelli, she feels she is still not over the adjustment phase of married life.

Reiterating that her priorities have now shifted, Geronimo told PEP: “My priority now is my husband kasi ‘yun po ang reality ng buhay pag-aasawa. My priority now is my husband and the family that I’m building with my husband. Ang joke ko nga is parang 10 years na kaming mag-asawa ni Matt dahil nga 24/7 magkasama lang kami sa loob ng bahay.”

Shortly after their wedding, community lockdowns were imposed. Despite this, Geronimo said they are still hoping to travel as husband and wife soon.

“Nag-lockdown so hindi kami nakapag-travel, hindi namin na-enjoy pa ‘yung mag-asawa pa na buhay. So ayun, gusto po sana namin, while nakakapag-ipon kami, kunyare, meron kaming travel funds,” she stressed.

“Ang galing nga ng asawa ko eh siya talaga ‘yung very organized. Siya, ‘Ito love, ise-set natin ‘tong funds na ‘to for our groceries, mga kailangan sa bahay.’ Siyempre gusto rin namin makapagtayo ng sarili naming bahay. It’s about setting our priorities. Medyo nakakalula po, pero yun talaga, mag-organize ng mga priorities,” she added.

Geronimo also opened up to PEP about seeing herself one day as a mom. She said she is thinking of how she can balance giving in to what her future children want instead of doing what is best for them.

“Actually, naiisip ko rin iyan, e, paano kapag nagkaroon ako ng anak. Paano ko siya, somehow as a parent, sa childhood stage nila, ikaw talaga ang magmo-mold ng beliefs nila, character din,” she said.

When asked if she will allow her future children to follow her or Guidicelli’s footsteps and join showbiz, she said: “Maybe I will not encourage, but if she decides na, ‘Ito talaga gusto ko, gusto ko maging singer, gusto ko maging dancer, gusto ko maging artista,’ yes, I would definitely support my kid.”

“Gusto ko unahin niya muna ‘yung kanyang pag-aaral. Matapos niya ‘yung kanyang pag-aaral kasi nakikita ko ‘yung mga pamangkin ko, ‘Ah, matanda na pala sila, 20 plus na pala sila.’ Parang ambilis-bilis ng panahon. Sandali lang eh. Sandali lang ‘yung mag-aaral ka. And then after that, kung ano man ‘yung gusto mong gawin sa buhay, gusto mo mag-motocross diyan or mag-piano or whatever, sige, gawin mo. Pero importante po talaga na may degree ka na natapos,” she further added.

Meanwhile, in a separate article by Push, Geronimo admitted it is only now that she is learning how to handle her own money.

“To be honest, na-expedite ‘yung adulting ko. Ngayon ko lang na-experience how to handle my own finances, how to budget, how to invest. Ang mama ko po talaga kung kaya niya gawin lahat, gagawin niya para sa mga anak niya, para lang hindi maistorbo ang mga anak niya. Ganun siya ka-loving sa mga anak niya. So ngayon natututunan ko na lahat, with the help of my husband,” she added.