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Taylor Swift Drops Music Video For ‘Willow,’ 1st Track Of New Album ‘Evermore’

by | Posted on: December 11th, 2020 | No Comments | Entertainment

The same time Taylor Swift dropped “Evermore” in full, the music video for “Willow” came out, and just like “Cardigan,” the MV was directed by Swift and shot by Oscar nominee Rodrigo Prieto.

When she announced the project on the morning of December 10, Swift described Evermore as a “sister album” to “Folklore” — which has since been nominated for five Grammy Awards. The deluxe edition of the album will feature two bonus tracks, which will be released at a later date.

“To put it plainly, we just couldn’t stop writing songs,” Swift tweeted with the album announcement.

“In the past, I’ve always treated albums as one-off eras and moved onto planning the next one after an album was released. There was something different with folklore. In making it, I felt less like I was departing and more like I was returning,” Swift continued.

When the video starts, Swift, wearing her titular cardigan, dives into an enchanted lake and plays a magical mandolin at a medieval carnival of sorts while wearing a flower crown. She keeps up the magical, medieval energy, dancing in a cape before following an “invisible string” that leads her over the piano from “the 1” to her man.

Taylor’s counterpart in the video is played by Taeok Lee. Taylor first sees Taeok while looking at her reflection in a puddle of water. Later, she’s stuck inside a glass cage while he’s on the outside, and she cannot get to him.

Luckily, in her mystical “Willow” world — she is able to escape. This time, she comes in contact with Taeok again but does not end up with him. It isn’t until she climbs back out of the piano and Taeok shows up at the exact right moment that she’s finally able to come face-to-face with him.

In the end, they walk out into the sunset together. The song features lyrics like “I’m begging you to take my hand, make my plans; that’s my man” and “Show me the places where others gave you scars.”