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Teddy Locsin Jr. Explain His Side With Regards To Using “Tagalog” In Presidential Debates

by | Posted on: March 23rd, 2016 | No Comments | Politics
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Former congressman as well as journalist Teddy Boy Locsin, Jr. explained his side with regards to his comments towards making use of “Tagalog” in debates soon after drawing solid critique from several groups.

Teddy Locsin Jr. posted on his official twitter account a number of strongly-worded views concerning the usage of “Tagalog” in the second round of the presidential debates.

Locsin mentioned that “English is the language of men” while saying that “Tagalog” sounds manly only when clipped and short like English.

He even further stated that “both Poe and Mar are masters of the civilized language of English” and they should have utilized it in a tight battle or risk sounding like Chiz Escudero.

Locsin further said that “Tagalog” should be discouraged, and said that it is “so long, so bullshitty, so useless a tongue for debate.

He also said that “the sagutan between Poe and Mar is lousy because they used too much Tagalog, a language inappropriate to pointed debate, circular shitty.

Those Locsin’s comments attracted flak from netizens, particularly Filipino language specialists, advocates and also members of the academe.

In a report by Amita Legaspi as published by GMA, Tanggol Wika, an alliance of educators and individuals endorsing the Filipino dialect scored the former Makati representative for his rants up against the Filipino language and also stated that Locsin need to apologize for the comments he published.

On the other hand, in an interview with ANC, Locsin shrugged these criticisms away and said to critics to “grow up.

According to Locsin, if the critics have got something to show that “Tagalog” really is effective in debate, they need to show it to him.

Locsin also stated that “Tagalog” can only be employed in a debate if it’s direct to the point.

You can also say it in Tagalog if you are a Ted Failon and not a Chiz (Escudero), then it’s derecho, the way they speak, the way Ted speaks, the way Luchi (Cruz-Valdez) spoke during the debate. It sounded like English to me because it was clear and to the point,Locsin said.

Based on a short article written by Rose Carmelle Lacuata that was published by ABS-CBN, Teddy Locsin stated that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte won the debate, partly because the tough-talking Mayor communicated well while talking in English.

According to Locsin, Rody Duterte “spoke it like a real man, Hemingway style. Few words and to the point.”

He also noticed that Luchi Cruz-Valdez, the moderator of the 2016 Pilipinas Presidentiable debates, managed to effectively communicate in Tagalog, inspite of the tense scenario.

Finally, Locsin recommended to the presidentiables to employ any language that they’re more comfortable with as long they are able to effectively take their message across.

Say what you want, but be clear. My advice to the candidates, it’s your neck that’s on the line. It’s not me and what language you want to use, or what language I like. You failed to do a Duterte and you just lose the debate,Locsin added.

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