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Top 10 Facts You Might Not Know About Angel Locsin

by | Posted on: December 14th, 2020 | No Comments | Entertainment

In a virtual ceremony last Saturday, actress and “Iba Yan” host Angel Locsin, along with several Kapamilya personalities, were honored in this year’s Paragala Central Luzon Media Awards of the Holy Angel University.

Dubbed by some as the real-life Darna, Locsin received the Paragala Pang Lingkuran award for all of her remarkable philanthropic deeds on top of being among the Top Entertainment Personalities in the Philippines.

Last month, as thousands of families cried for immediate aid from the government and private groups and/or organizations, Locsin, along with Jasmine Curtis-Smith and fellow members of the group Aktor (League of Filipino Actors), handed out relief goods to Typhoon Ulysses victims in Marikina City. With the help of volunteers, the group carried out four rounds of relief goods distribution.

“We hope that what small help we can give will be able to assist you the next couple of days, and we pray for those who are still trying to manage with (what’s) left of their homes,” Locsin said.

Furthermore, Locsin donated P1,000 each to 1,000 victims of Typhoon Rolly.

“Sa aming maliit na paraan, nais po naming makapag-abot tulong sa mga kababayan nating nasalanta ng bagyong Rolly thru Gcash. Though we would like to reach out to everyone who are in need, our resources are limited and can only accommodate the first 1,000 valid request,” said Locsin in a social media post last month.

Meanwhile, Locsin, at the height of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in the country, launched #UniTENTweStandPH, a campaign to help solve the overcrowding in hospitals and aid the health workers through hospital tents. After 19 days, the campaign raised 135 hospitals nationwide, 246 tents, and P11,359,856.89.

“In the beginning, our only dream was to provide tents to hospitals for patients, for our frontliners, to address the challenge in overcrowding, and to help lessen the increase of spreading the virus in hospitals, but because you were all so generous and kind, we received from you donations of food, PPEs, aircon, and many others kaya naman po dahil sa inyo we were able to give out not only tents but also PPEs and other supplies,” Locsin stressed.

“Anumang pagsubok ay ating kakayanin basta’t tulong-tulong po tayo at nagkakaisa,” she added.

With this, Angel Locsin is our featured celebrity for today.

1. Discovered At A Shopping Mall

Locsin previously shared that when she was 14 years old, a talent scout discovered her at a shopping center.

According to her, she was at the mall with her best friend, buying some groceries. A man who was queuing at a lotto outlet inside the mall suddenly walked towards her, trying to tell her something. Too scared about what the guy might do, she ran away as fast as she could, but the plastic bag she was carrying got torn in the process.

Because she had to pick up the groceries or her dad will surely get mad, she stopped. The man caught up with her and asked whether she wanted to become a model in a commercial. It was such a relief to know that he did not have bad intentions that Angel quickly asked how much she would earn as a model. He gave her his calling card.

2. Star Circle Batch 9

Locsin was supposed to be a part of ABS-CBN’s Star Circle Batch 9 but failed to sign a contract because her father opposed the idea. Eventually, he warmed up to the idea and let her sign a contract with GMA Artist Center.

She first appeared on the second season of the teen-oriented series, “Click,” and was also included in the cast of “Ang Iibigin Ay Ikaw.”

3. First Film Appearance

Locsin’s first film appearance was in 2002 in the film “Ping Lacson Supercop,” wherein she played the role of a young Robina Gokongwei.

She, later on, portrayed various cameo appearances and lead roles in the following films:
• Mano Po 2 (2003)
• Kuya (2004)
• Singles (2004)
• Mano Po III: My Love (2004)
• Sigaw (2004)
• Let the Love Begin (2005)
• Mulawin (2005)
• I Will Always Love You (2006)
• TxT (2006)
• Mano Po 5 (2006)
• The Promise (2007)
• Angels (2007)
• Love Me Again (2009)
• My Amnesia Girl (2010)
• In the Name of Love (2011)
• Unofficially Yours (2012)
• One More Try (2012)
• Everything About Her (2016)
• Wife, Husband, Wife (TBD)

4. Asian Heroes of Philanthrophy

In December 2019, Locsin, who is active in doing charity work, made it to Forbes Asia’s latest Heroes of Philanthropy list and was recognized for her efforts in giving out aid to the victims of violence and natural disasters.

Forbes noted that after earthquakes hit Mindanao in October 2019, Locsin donated P1 million and distributed “truckloads of relief supplies to affected residents.”

It also pointed out that during the 2017 battle between the military and Islamist rebels in Marawi, she joined the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, “donating and distributing food packets and school supplies to tens of thousands of displaced victims.”

“Over the past decade, Locsin has donated as much as P15 million to causes such as educational scholarships for students, supporting the economic and political rights of indigenous people, and ending violence against women and children,” Forbes said.

5. Fantaserye Queen

In August 2004, Locsin starred in the fantasy-themed TV series “Mulawin,” alongside Richard Gutierrez, wherein she portrayed “Alwina,” one of the two main protagonists. The show was a huge success and received high ratings until its finale in March 2005.

Following the success of Mulawin, Locsin was cast in the title role as Darna in the 2005 fantasy-themed TV series of the same name. The show was also highly regarded by the public, gaining immensely high ratings and surpassing the records set by her previous TV show. Darna’s pilot week average is 50.08%, and its highest rating was 52.1%, while the lowest was 33.3%.

Locsin starred in another fantasy-themed TV series, “Majika,” together with Dennis Trillo, which was aired from March to September 2006. She played the role of Sabina, a seemingly ordinary girl who lived in a world of mortals but is unknowingly the one destined to become the most powerful female magician.

Afterwards, she was cast in “Asian Treasures,” opposite Robin Padilla. It was the first Philippine TV series that was shot in multiple countries such as Mongolia, Thailand, and China.

Locsin then signed a contract with ABS-CBN in August 2007, and by January 2008, she launched her first fantasy drama series with the network entitled “Lobo,” together with Piolo Pascual in the lead role.

Later in 2010, she starred in the TV series “Imortal,” the sequel to her earlier work, “Lobo,” together with John Lloyd Cruz. While in 2017, she guested in “La Luna Sangre” as Lia.

6. Has Royal Lineage

Locsin is part of a Muslim royal family in Marawi City in the province of Lanao del Sur.

Locsin, a Christian, said all she knows is that a princess had adopted her mother. Reports also said Locsin’s grandfather was one of the 15 sultanates in Marawi City.

She said her royal lineage is not something that she should be bragging about, noting that her relatives lead a simple life. She said she is happy that her family in Marawi City wholeheartedly accepts her despite her Christian beliefs.

7. Fashion Designer

In August 2007, Locsin attended a short-course for fashion design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.

In 2018, she expressed how she’s ecstatic to be able to use her knowledge in fashion again with her collaborative bag collection with Avon.

“I am happy that I was able to design again and submit my sketches. It’s great that Avon specifically asked me to design bags that are very me, very Angel. The three bag designs are all really based on my personality, what I would really use every day, and what would fit with my lifestyle,” the actress shared.

8. Dominated Local Magazine Covers

Locsin was a four-time FHM cover girl, been on the cover of over 60 magazines and still counting, and even collaborated with different celebrities in the past for shoots.

9. Acting Awards

Locsin won multiple acting awards from FAMAS Award, PMPC Star Awards for Movies, The EDDYS, Luna Award, among others throughout her career.

10. Diagnosed With A Disc Bulge

Locsin’s intensive training for Darna’s portrayal triggered the development of a disc bulge in her spine. Because of this condition, she can no longer do active stunts. Years of hard work and intensive training have damaged her spine.

“Kapag may trabaho, ibinibigay ko talaga ‘yong best ko. Ganoon ko kamahal ‘yong craft and ‘yong role, inaalagaan ko. May isang araw po na gumising na lang ako, hindi na po ako makatayo, ni gapang, ni hatak sa sarili hindi ko magawa,” said Locsin, adding that even high dosages of pain relievers do not work.

Locsin further reiterated that her doctor even warned that her condition might lead to paralysis if left untreated. Fortunately, in her Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), her spine’s condition has not worsened.

According to physioworks.com.au, this injury happens when a disc between vertebrae is moved or has slipped from its normal positioning, resulting in outward swelling of the fluid material throughout the weakest point of the disc’s shell. Patients may experience little to no pain during the early stage of the injury, which can also be difficult to detect.

Locsin assured her condition may improve but is afraid that her movements may be limited for the rest of her life. Despite this, Locsin has accepted her health condition so she could move on to other important things in her life.