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Viral: Alex Gonzaga And Mayor Isko Moreno Eats “Pagpag” At The Mehan Garden

by | Posted on: October 28th, 2019 | No Comments | Entertainment

Here is the latest Youtube and Instagram posts of Ms. Alex Gonzaga together with Manila mayor Isko Moreno.

In this video, Yorme gave Ms. Gonzaga a tour around the City of Manila and showcased to her some of the new improvements in the city.

One of those is the Bonifacio Shrine, the free public wifi and also the people of Manila who are willing to cooperate with the directives of their city mayor.

They made a stopover at the Mehan Garden who according to the mayor Isko it was already forgotten but he is much willing to give life to it and return the park back to the public.

Of course, since this video is owned by a YouTuber, a challenge needs to be made and that’s asking the mayor to eat “pagpag” or leftover foods.

Mayor Isko didn’t hesitate to take the challenge since he is a proud son of Tondo and was once a scavenger during his much younger years.

Here is the full video.