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Viral Video: Fitness Model, Michelle Lewin Got Chased And Got Bitten By A Pig In Bahamas

by | Posted on: February 19th, 2019 | No Comments | Viral Stories
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Fitness model Michelle Lewin shared her funny (yet with some pain) photoshoot in Bahamas.

In the video she posted, it can be seen that the model is being chased in the place also known as the “Pig Island”.

It was her husband who was taking video and captured every moment of it. He was able to record how the pigs were chasing his wife.

Michelle had no choice but to run away but the pigs continued their pursuit until they caught her.

It was known that the pigs in Bahamas are naturally playful but in the case of Michelle there’s one that can’t resist to make a bite.

Good thing that those pig’s teeth didn’t resulted to a bad wound but still it leaves scratches to the model’s skin.

The clip is most probably the most viral video for this month as it already gained millions of views from facebook and instagram.


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