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Watch: Anonymous Open Letter for Gab Valenciano Tells Him “His Father Was Not as Clean Either”

by | Posted on: December 10th, 2015 | No Comments | Politics
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Gary Valenciano‘s son., Gab Valenciano had become the trending subject in social media right after he tried to criticize Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in the concern involving morality however because of the reputation of the Davao City mayor, many people came to save and to defend him.

Probably the most intriguing netizen who write-up a response to Gab Valenciano is the person who made an open letter asking the morality of Gab’s dad, Gary V.

The nameless open letter cranked Gab Valenciano after he belittled Mayor Duterte is currently going around in several social networking sites notably in Facebook. The FB comment mentioned that the US-based performer need to start looking at his own family’s history before evaluating for other people.

Based on the open letter, the father of Gab Valenciano, Gary V. had a lover at nineteen years of age, he got yet another woman pregnant while still inside a romantic relationship.” That other woman is no other than his mommy while the sweetheart of his father Gary V. was no other than Felichi Pangilinan, the much younger sibling of Gab’s mom Angeli Pangilinan.

Here’s the entire Open Letter written for Gab Valenciano:


“Your own father had a girlfriend and at 19 years of age, he got another girl pregnant whilst still in another relationship. That other girl is your mom. His girlfriend was Felichi Pangilinan, your mom’s younger sister. So stop talking about womanizing, values, morality, and loyalty when your own parents did not exactly do the right thing either.”

“How come you never condemned your parents? And by the way, that child who was conceived out of indiscretion is you (not that it’s your fault.”)

“I am not supporting any candidate nor am I condoning infidelity but look within your own family before becoming too opinionated and judgmental about someone else’s life. This is not about politics. Don’t tackle an issue that once hounded your own family. Yours is not perfect either.”

“By the way, I like Gary V because he is a good singer and not because he was a womanizer,” the write said. “A lot of people support and admire Gary because of his talent. They did not judge his faults. Look the story up on Google and on YouTube (Angeli and Felichi opened up about it on the 700 Club show).”

Here’s the Talked about Video clip of Angeli & Felichi Pangilinan:

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