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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Viral Video of “Karl Kaw” An Arrogant Man Who Pretended To Be The Savior Of The Philippines

by | Posted on: October 7th, 2019 | No Comments | Public Affairs Program

In a recent episode of Wanted sa Radyo hosted by Idol Raffy Tulfo. Mr. Karl Kaw the man on a viral video appeared in the show to explain his side with regards to the incident happened which involved a taxi driver and another motorist.

He claimed that a taxi driver allegedly trying to get away after a street child was about to hit on the side of McDonald’s drive-thru area. He added that he has a big heart in helping children how to cook that triggered him to call the attention of the taxi driver.

Another motorist has seen on a video challenge him for a fistfight.

Idol Raffy Tulfo said that he could have been in prison for Usurpation of Authority.

Mr. Kaw apologized to the AFP for pretending to be a soldier which is on the later part he admits that it was his mistake.

The incident was captured by a concerned citizen who works as a security guard Joseph Deswido who acknowledges he did not record the whole incident.

Watch the video above to know the entire details of their story.