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Women Will Have Bigger Role In Grace Poe’s Administration Once Elected As President

by | Posted on: April 18th, 2016 | No Comments | Politics
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Nationalist People’c Coalition presidential bet Senator Grace Poe says that women will play great roles in her government.



In Poe‘s campaign stop in Pili, Camarines Sur, The Senator affirmed that if she’ll earn the 2016 presidential election, women will play crucial roles in the government.

Creating a council of women volunteers is among Grace Poe’s ideas as she affirmed so.

In the Senator’s plan, women will take the function of keeping the records on government projects carried out even to the barangay level.

Furthermore, those women are the ones who will be in-charged to be the watchdog on the progress of the government projects and report to the Malacañang in the event that the projects don’t have any improvement.

The daughter of the late Fernando Poe Jr., also mentioned that women volunteers coming from the various sectors will compose the council. It’s going to be a non-government group.

She described that the task of the women is going to be the reporter of the jobs done in their barangay – most importantly based on the uncompleted ones.

The tracking of the projects is among Grace major considerations. She said that a list of the government jobs will be provided to the ladies who are members of the council.

Poe warranted her ideas with distance and implementation as the reasons.

She stated that thinking about the distance to Malacañang, there are instances that issues wouldn’t be reported in the higher office.

For example, she cited the asphalting of a barangay road which was not finished for three years. Poe revealed that in her supervision, women who are remarkably respected is going to be requested for the job to report instances such as this.

Poe also battle the matter that her womanhood will make it tough for her to handle the country’s issues and also handle its security against other forces.

Ladies have that intrinsic taking care of nature but that shouldn’t be thought to be a weak point of women based on Poe.

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