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List of Samgyupsal Restaurants – Iligan City (Lanao Del Norte)

Below is the list of Samgyupsal (Samgyeopsal 삼겹살) restaurants located in Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte. It’s a popular Korean dish that is usually served during the evening.


  • Address: Solana District, Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte
  • Contact number: N/A
  • Business hours (might differ):
    • Monday: 10AM – 10PM
    • Tuesday: 10AM – 10PM
    • Wednesday: 10AM – 10PM
    • Thursday: 10AM – 10PM
    • Friday: 10AM – 10PM
    • Saturday: 10AM – 10PM(Hours might differ)
    • Sunday: 10AM – 10PM(Hours might differ)

Noonas Grill

  • Address: Baranggay, Pedro Permites Road, Iligan City, 9200 Lanao Del Norte
  • Contact number: 09265531735
  • Business hours (might differ):
    • Monday: 11AM – 7:30PM
    • Tuesday: 11AM – 7:30PM
    • Wednesday: 11AM – 7:30PM
    • Thursday: 11AM – 7:30PM
    • Friday: 11AM – 7:30PM
    • Saturday: 11AM – 7:30PM(Hours might differ)
    • Sunday: 11AM – 7:30PM(Hours might differ)

Just in case we missed mentioning the location of your branch, kindly let us know by using our Contact Us page.

Note: The information shown above are from the collection found in Google Maps.