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Shaquille O’Neal and Hakeem Olajuwon Card – 2009/10 Upper Deck Basketball (Dual Game Materials)

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Shaquille O’Neal and Hakeem Olajuwon memorabilia card from 2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball product. (more…)

Kevin Martin Card – 2010/11 Panini Prestige Basketball (Stars of the NBA)

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Kevin Martin memorabilia card from 2010-11 Panini Prestige Basketball product. (more…)

Watch: Kristaps Porzingis Probably His Best Rookie Performance In The NBA

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The game was between the Houston Rockets and New York Knicks, so that means the duel between two finest players in the NBA, James “Fear the Beard” Harden and Carmelo Anthony. (more…)

Patrick Patterson Card – 2010/11 Panini Rookies & Stars Basketball (Team Patches)

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Patrick Patterson rookie manufactured-patch autograph card from Panini Rookies & Stars Basketball product. (more…)

Watch: James Harden vs Kevin Durant And Russell Westbrook

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James Harden and the Houston Rockets open the 2015-16 season in a rough start. After losing its first three games finally the Rockets found a win against an old foe the OKC Thunder. (more…)

Watch: Andre Iguodala’s Reaction To Harrison Barnes Dunk

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Few days ago we’ve seen the 2015 NBA Western Conference Finals rematch between Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. (more…)

Throwback Video: T-Mac 13 Points In 33 Seconds

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“The best 45 seconds” as what Craig Sager said during his post-game interview with Tracy McGrady when the Houston Rockets overcame a 10-points San Antonio Spurs lead with less than a minute in the fourth quarter. (more…)

2014-15 Panini Select Basketball Checklist – Sparks

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Here is the checklist for the Sparks card set from 2014-15 Panini Select Basketball product. (more…)

2014-15 Panini Select Basketball Checklist – Signatures

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Here is the checklist for the Signatures card set from 2014-15 Panini Select Basketball product. (more…)

2014-15 Panini Threads Basketball Checklist – Century Greats

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Here is the checklist for the Century Greats card set from 2014-15 Panini Threads Basketball product. (more…)

2013-14 Panini Innovation Basketball Checklist – Stained Glass

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Dwight Howard - Stained Glass

Dwight Howard – Stained Glass

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegularGoldLight Blue
1Stained GlassLuol DengCleveland CavaliersNNSPSP
2Stained GlassMike ConleyMemphis GrizzliesNNSPSP
3Stained GlassLaMarcus AldridgePortland Trail BlazersNNSPSP
4Stained GlassMarc GasolMemphis GrizzliesNNSPSP
5Stained GlassCarmelo AnthonyNew York KnicksNNSPSP
6Stained GlassDeMarcus CousinsSacramento KingsNNSPSP
7Stained GlassEvan TurnerIndiana PacersNNSPSP
8Stained GlassAnthony DavisNew Orleans PelicansNNSPSP
9Stained GlassKyle LowryToronto RaptorsNNSPSP
10Stained GlassTony ParkerSan Antonio SpursNNSPSP
11Stained GlassKobe BryantLos Angeles LakersNNSPSP
12Stained GlassKevin DurantOklahoma City ThunderNNSPSP
13Stained GlassNikola VucevicOrlando MagicNNSPSP
14Stained GlassRussell WestbrookOklahoma City ThunderNNSPSP
15Stained GlassLeBron JamesMiami HeatNNSPSP
16Stained GlassEric BledsoePhoenix SunsNNSPSP
17Stained GlassEnes KanterUtah JazzNNSPSP
18Stained GlassIsaiah ThomasSacramento KingsNNSPSP
19Stained GlassSpencer HawesCleveland CavaliersNNSPSP
20Stained GlassArron AfflaloOrlando MagicNNSPSP
21Stained GlassSerge IbakaOklahoma City ThunderNNSPSP
22Stained GlassGreivis VasquezToronto RaptorsNNSPSP
23Stained GlassRudy GaySacramento KingsNNSPSP
24Stained GlassDwyane WadeMiami HeatNNSPSP
25Stained GlassDwight HowardHouston RocketsNNSPSP
26Stained GlassSteve NashLos Angeles LakersNNSPSP
27Stained GlassIman ShumpertNew York KnicksNNSPSP
28Stained GlassZaza PachuliaMilwaukee BucksNNSPSP
29Stained GlassKevin MartinMinnesota TimberwolvesNNSPSP
30Stained GlassJohn HensonMilwaukee BucksNNSPSP
31Stained GlassTim DuncanSan Antonio SpursNNSPSP
32Stained GlassDamian LillardPortland Trail BlazersNNSPSP
33Stained GlassPaul PierceBrooklyn NetsNNSPSP
34Stained GlassLance StephensonIndiana PacersNNSPSP
35Stained GlassKyrie IrvingCleveland CavaliersNNSPSP
36Stained GlassKenneth FariedDenver NuggetsNNSPSP
37Stained GlassChris PaulLos Angeles ClippersNNSPSP
38Stained GlassBradley BealWashington WizardsNNSPSP
39Stained GlassPau GasolLos Angeles LakersNNSPSP
40Stained GlassBlake GriffinLos Angeles ClippersNNSPSP
41Stained GlassEric GordonNew Orleans PelicansNNSPSP
42Stained GlassChris BoshMiami HeatNNSPSP
43Stained GlassDeMar DeRozanToronto RaptorsNNSPSP
44Stained GlassMonta EllisDallas MavericksNNSPSP
45Stained GlassJoe JohnsonBrooklyn NetsNNSPSP
46Stained GlassBrandon BassBoston CelticsNNSPSP
47Stained GlassKemba WalkerCharlotte BobcatsNNSPSP
48Stained GlassTiago SplitterSan Antonio SpursNNSPSP
49Stained GlassKlay ThompsonGolden State WarriorsNNSPSP
50Stained GlassGreg MonroeDetroit PistonsNNSPSP
51Stained GlassJeremy LinHouston RocketsNNSPSP
52Stained GlassAndre DrummondDetroit PistonsNNSPSP
53Stained GlassJ.J. RedickLos Angeles ClippersNNSPSP
54Stained GlassMichael Kidd-GilchristCharlotte BobcatsNNSPSP
55Stained GlassBrook LopezBrooklyn NetsNNSPSP
56Stained GlassPaul GeorgeIndiana PacersNNSPSP
57Stained GlassTristan ThompsonCleveland CavaliersNNSPSP
58Stained GlassJames HardenHouston RocketsNNSPSP
59Stained GlassAnderson VarejaoCleveland CavaliersNNSPSP
60Stained GlassCarlos BoozerChicago BullsNNSPSP
61Stained GlassAl HorfordAtlanta HawksNNSPSP
62Stained GlassDerrick RoseChicago BullsNNSPSP
63Stained GlassTy LawsonDenver NuggetsNNSPSP
64Stained GlassGordon HaywardUtah JazzNNSPSP
65Stained GlassAndre IguodalaGolden State WarriorsNNSPSP
66Stained GlassRicky RubioMinnesota TimberwolvesNNSPSP
67Stained GlassRoy HibbertIndiana PacersNNSPSP
68Stained GlassJeff GreenBoston CelticsNNSPSP
69Stained GlassPaul MillsapAtlanta HawksNNSPSP
70Stained GlassJordan CrawfordGolden State WarriorsNNSPSP
71Stained GlassDirk NowitzkiDallas MavericksNNSPSP
72Stained GlassStephen CurryGolden State WarriorsNNSPSP
73Stained GlassJohn WallWashington WizardsNNSPSP
74Stained GlassGerald GreenPhoenix SunsNNSPSP
75Stained GlassKevin LoveMinnesota TimberwolvesNNSPSP

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Crusade Basketball Checklist – Majestic Memorabilia

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Hakeem Olajuwon - Majestic Memorabilia

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegularPrime
1Majestic MemorabiliaDerrick FavorsUtah Jazz9925
2Majestic MemorabiliaTiago SplitterSan Antonio Spurs29925
3Majestic MemorabiliaSidney MoncriefMilwaukee Bucks9925
4Majestic MemorabiliaDavid RobinsonSan Antonio Spurs9925
5Majestic MemorabiliaRicky RubioMinnesota Timberwolves19925
6Majestic MemorabiliaDeMarcus CousinsSacramento Kings19925
7Majestic MemorabiliaKenny "Sky" WalkerNew York Knicks9925
8Majestic MemorabiliaKareem Abdul-JabbarLos Angeles Lakers4925
9Majestic MemorabiliaGary PaytonSeattle Supersonics9925
10Majestic MemorabiliaChris KamanLos Angeles Lakers29925
11Majestic MemorabiliaKirk HinrichChicago Bulls29925
12Majestic MemorabiliaAlex EnglishDenver Nuggets9925
13Majestic MemorabiliaLarry NanceCleveland Cavaliers9925
14Majestic MemorabiliaRobert HorrySan Antonio Spurs9925
15Majestic MemorabiliaDamian LillardPortland Trail Blazers9910
16Majestic MemorabiliaKawhi LeonardSan Antonio Spurs14925
17Majestic MemorabiliaJohn StarksNew York Knicks9925
18Majestic MemorabiliaLarry BirdBoston Celtics4925
19Majestic MemorabiliaPatrick EwingNew York Knicks4925
20Majestic MemorabiliaJohn StocktonUtah Jazz9925
21Majestic MemorabiliaGerald WallaceBoston Celtics29925
22Majestic MemorabiliaDanny GreenSan Antonio Spurs19925
23Majestic MemorabiliaLarry JohnsonCharlotte Hornets9925
24Majestic MemorabiliaKelly TripuckaDetroit Pistons9925
25Majestic MemorabiliaEnes KanterUtah Jazz19910
26Majestic MemorabiliaBrandon JenningsDetroit Pistons19925
27Majestic MemorabiliaCharles OakleyNew York Knicks9925
28Majestic MemorabiliaShaquille O'NealOrlando Magic9925
29Majestic MemorabiliaHakeem OlajuwonHouston Rockets9925
30Majestic MemorabiliaMo WilliamsPortland Trail Blazers19925
31Majestic MemorabiliaMichael BeasleyMiami Heat19925
32Majestic MemorabiliaFat LeverDenver Nuggets9925
33Majestic MemorabiliaShane BattierMiami Heat29925
34Majestic MemorabiliaBill LaimbeerDetroit Pistons9925
35Majestic MemorabiliaJeff TeagueAtlanta Hawks4925
36Majestic MemorabiliaJosh SmithDetroit Pistons19925
37Majestic MemorabiliaLarry JohnsonNew York Knicks9925
38Majestic MemorabiliaMagic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers4925
39Majestic MemorabiliaJohn WallWashington Wizards19925
40Majestic MemorabiliaAnderson VarejaoCleveland Cavaliers19925
41Majestic MemorabiliaTerrence RossToronto Raptors9925
42Majestic MemorabiliaBismack BiyomboCharlotte Bobcats19925
43Majestic MemorabiliaRick MahornDetroit Pistons9925
44Majestic MemorabiliaShawn KempSeattle Supersonics9925
45Majestic MemorabiliaAndre IguodalaGolden State Warriors9925
46Majestic MemorabiliaJeremy LinHouston Rockets9910
47Majestic MemorabiliaIman ShumpertNew York Knicks19925
48Majestic MemorabiliaKobe BryantLos Angeles Lakers29910
49Majestic MemorabiliaShaquille O'NealMiami Heat9925
50Majestic MemorabiliaVince CarterDallas Mavericks9925
51Majestic MemorabiliaDominique WilkinsAtlanta Hawks9925
52Majestic MemorabiliaRandy FoyeDenver Nuggets19925
53Majestic MemorabiliaPablo PrigioniNew York Knicks29925
54Majestic MemorabiliaWill PerdueChicago Bulls9925
55Majestic MemorabiliaDavid LeeGolden State Warriors9925
56Majestic MemorabiliaGeorge HillIndiana Pacers19925
57Majestic MemorabiliaTim DuncanSan Antonio Spurs9925
58Majestic MemorabiliaKevin DurantOklahoma City Thunder29915
59Majestic MemorabiliaTracy McGradyToronto Raptors9925
60Majestic MemorabiliaChris MullinGolden State Warriors9925
61Majestic MemorabiliaDanilo GallinariDenver Nuggets29910
62Majestic MemorabiliaLuis ScolaIndiana Pacers29925
63Majestic MemorabiliaEvan FournierDenver Nuggets29925
64Majestic MemorabiliaShawn BradleyPhiladelphia 76ers9925
65Majestic MemorabiliaMike ConleyMemphis Grizzlies991
66Majestic MemorabiliaPau GasolLos Angeles Lakers29925
67Majestic MemorabiliaLeBron JamesMiami Heat19925
68Majestic MemorabiliaScottie PippenChicago Bulls9925
69Majestic MemorabiliaDwyane WadeMiami Heat19925
70Majestic MemorabiliaAmar'e StoudemireNew York Knicks29925
71Majestic MemorabiliaAndre MillerWashington Wizards19925
72Majestic MemorabiliaBeno UdrihMemphis Grizzlies29925
73Majestic MemorabiliaDarren CollisonLos Angeles Clippers19925
74Majestic MemorabiliaReggie LewisBoston Celtics9925
75Majestic MemorabiliaMarc GasolMemphis Grizzlies19925
76Majestic MemorabiliaNick YoungLos Angeles Lakers9925
77Majestic MemorabiliaJoe DumarsDetroit Pistons9925
78Majestic MemorabiliaKyrie IrvingCleveland Cavaliers19925
79Majestic MemorabiliaClyde DrexlerHouston Rockets9925
80Majestic MemorabiliaTristan ThompsonCleveland Cavaliers19925
81Majestic MemorabiliaThaddeus YoungPhiladelphia 76ers9925
82Majestic MemorabiliaMartell WebsterWashington Wizards29925
83Majestic MemorabiliaKevin LoveMinnesota Timberwolves29925
84Majestic MemorabiliaKenneth FariedDenver Nuggets9925
85Majestic MemorabiliaZach RandolphMemphis Grizzlies9925
86Majestic MemorabiliaTony ParkerSan Antonio Spurs9925
87Majestic MemorabiliaKarl MaloneUtah Jazz9925
88Majestic MemorabiliaBlake GriffinLos Angeles Clippers19925
89Majestic MemorabiliaGrant HillDetroit Pistons9925
90Majestic MemorabiliaTayshaun PrinceMemphis Grizzlies19925
91Majestic MemorabiliaGordon HaywardUtah Jazz9925
92Majestic MemorabiliaJames JonesMiami Heat29925
93Majestic MemorabiliaKurt RambisLos Angeles Lakers9925
94Majestic MemorabiliaDwight HowardHouston Rockets9925
95Majestic MemorabiliaLaMarcus AldridgePortland Trail Blazers19925
96Majestic MemorabiliaDeMar DeRozanToronto Raptors1995
97Majestic MemorabiliaKevin McHaleBoston Celtics9925
98Majestic MemorabiliaAnthony DavisNew Orleans Pelicans9925
99Majestic MemorabiliaWalter DavisPhoenix Suns9925
100Majestic MemorabiliaRobert ParishBoston Celtics9925

Credits: Panini

The Precious Rings of each 2013-14 NBA Playoff Teams

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Washington Wizards Championship Ring - Twitter

Washington Wizards Championship Ring – Twitter

The NBA has just unveiled the Championship rings of each team qualified to play in the 2013-14 Playoff. The Brooklyn Nets and the Golden State Warriors already got a 1-0 advantage against its respective opponent while the INDvsATL and OKCvsMEM will be also determnined today.

The so-called real basketball game season has just started but the league already prepared the precious award.

2013-14 Panini Elite Basketball Checklist – Face 2 Face

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James Harden / Kevin Durant - Face 2 Face

James Harden / Kevin Durant – Face 2 Face

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegularGoldBlack
1Face 2 FaceDwyane WadeMiami HeatNN241
1Face 2 FaceTony ParkerSan Antonio SpursNN241
2Face 2 FaceKobe BryantLos Angeles LakersNN241
2Face 2 FaceLeBron JamesMiami HeatNN241
3Face 2 FaceChris BoshMiami HeatNN241
3Face 2 FaceTim DuncanSan Antonio SpursNN241
4Face 2 FaceMarc GasolMemphis GrizzliesNN241
4Face 2 FaceSerge IbakaOklahoma City ThunderNN241
5Face 2 FaceJames HardenHouston RocketsNN241
5Face 2 FaceJames HardenOklahoma City ThunderNN241
5Face 2 FaceKevin DurantOklahoma City ThunderNN241
6Face 2 FaceBlake GriffinLos Angeles ClippersNN241
6Face 2 FaceZach RandolphLos Angeles ClippersNN241
6Face 2 FaceZach RandolphMemphis GrizzliesNN241
7Face 2 FaceStephen CurryGolden State WarriorsNN241
7Face 2 FaceTy LawsonDenver NuggetsNN241
8Face 2 FaceKawhi LeonardSan Antonio SpursNN241
8Face 2 FaceKlay ThompsonGolden State WarriorsNN241
9Face 2 FaceCarmelo AnthonyNew York KnicksNN241
9Face 2 FacePaul GeorgeIndiana PacersNN241
10Face 2 FaceDerrick RoseChicago BullsNN241
10Face 2 FaceJohn WallWashington WizardsNN241
11Face 2 FaceAnthony DavisNew Orleans PelicansNN241
11Face 2 FaceNikola VucevicOrlando MagicNN241
12Face 2 FaceKyrie IrvingCleveland CavaliersNN241
12Face 2 FaceRaymond FeltonNew York KnicksNN241
13Face 2 FaceChris PaulLos Angeles ClippersNN241
13Face 2 FaceDeron WilliamsBrooklyn NetsNN241
14Face 2 FaceRicky RubioMinnesota TimberwolvesNN241
14Face 2 FaceRussell WestbrookOklahoma City ThunderNN241
15Face 2 FaceGeorge HillIndiana PacersNN241
15Face 2 FaceJeff TeagueAtlanta HawksNN241
16Face 2 FaceBradley BealWashington WizardsNN241
16Face 2 FaceJimmer FredetteSacramento KingsNN241
17Face 2 FaceDeMar DeRozanToronto RaptorsNN241
17Face 2 FaceDion WaitersCleveland CavaliersNN241
18Face 2 FaceDamian LillardPortland Trail BlazersNN241
18Face 2 FaceJeremy LinHouston RocketsNN241
19Face 2 FaceKenneth FariedDenver NuggetsNN241
19Face 2 FaceLaMarcus AldridgePortland Trail BlazersNN241
20Face 2 FaceAndre DrummondDetroit PistonsNN241
20Face 2 FaceTristan ThompsonCleveland CavaliersNN241

Credits: Ebay, Panini

Chandler Parsons Buffalo David Bitton Commercial

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Apart from helping Dwight Howard and James Harden to get the Houston Rockets more W each game, Chandler Parsons also found another role off the court with Ashely Sky as both featured in the latest commercial of Buffalo David Bitton.