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Kawhi Leonard Postpones Orlando Travel To Take Care Family Matters

by | Posted on: July 9th, 2020 | No Comments | NBA

Los Angeles Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard was reported that he won’t be joining his teammates going to Walt Disney World for the resumption of the NBA season. (more…)

James, Curry, Bryant, Leonard And Others Named To NBA All-Decade Team

by | Posted on: August 6th, 2019 | No Comments | NBA

Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Kawhi Leonard, and other notable players were named to NBA All-Decade team. (more…)

Kawhi Leonard Won The 2019 NBA Finals MVP Award

by | Posted on: June 14th, 2019 | No Comments | NBA

The Toronto Raptors superstar Kawhi Leonard was named as the 2019 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player. (more…)

NBA Highlights: San Antonio Spurs vs Memphis Grizzlies – Game 6 (2017 NBA Playoffs – 1st Round)

by | Posted on: April 28th, 2017 | No Comments | NBA

The five-time NBA Champs, the San Antonio Spurs is now on its way to the second round of 2017 NBA Playoffs and will face the surging Houston Rockets. (more…)

5 Facts About Kawhi Leonard

by | Posted on: November 4th, 2016 | No Comments | NBA Sidelines, Sidelines

The NBA 2016-17 season started with a bang especially for the San Antonio Spurs as they beat the Western Conference defending champion the Golden State Warriors with a big margin of 29 points. (more…)

2014-15 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball Checklist – Finals MVP

by | Posted on: October 14th, 2014 | No Comments | Basketball Cards

One of the new sets or should I say single in this year’s NBA Hoops. As there will be only one Finals MVP, this card features the best player of NBA Finals 2014. (more…)

Top 5 Speculations Why You Should Buy or Hold Kawhi Leonard Cards

by | Posted on: June 17th, 2014 | No Comments | NBA Sidelines
Kawhi Leonard Contenders

Kawhi Leonard Contenders

Kawhi Leonard cards are now selling like hot cakes in Ebay after being named as 2014 NBA Finals MVP. His Contenders RC Auto for example, can be bought for less than $20 two months ago and now is climbing up to $70 with one more day to go. Now, this is the big question which most of the collectors in the trading card collection world is asking “Should you sell or keep Kawhi Leonard Cards?”.

Here are the top 5 answers which I have in mind that will either hold or will continue to push his hobby value higher.

San Antonio Spurs – 2014 NBA Champions

by | Posted on: June 16th, 2014 | No Comments | NBA Sidelines
Kawhi Leonard USA Today

Kawhi Leonard USA Today

It’s hard to see watching my Miami Heat got humiliated at the home-court of San Antonio as the Spurs crowned as the 2014 NBA Champions at 4-1. The Heat started with 22 – 6 run in the first quarter lead by Lebron James but the remaining three quarters belongs to the Spurs.

Kawhi Leonard cards are on Fire

by | Posted on: June 14th, 2014 | No Comments | NBA Sidelines
Kawhi Leonard - USA Today

Kawhi Leonard – USA Today

Miami Heat is now in the edge of elimination and the three-peat dream may stay in dreamland if the Spurs beat them in Game 5. San Antonio’s head coach unveiled its surprise game play in Miami Heat home court and his team shoot amazingly that put the Heat in awe. One of those surprises is the awesome play of Kawhi Leonard where he scored 29 points and 20 points in Game 3 and Game 4 respectively. If Leonard will play consistently across the remaining Finals game, he can become the 2014 NBA Finals MVP.

2013-14 Panini Pinnacle Basketball Checklist – Artist Proof

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Kawhi Loenard - Artist Proof

Kawhi Loenard – Artist Proof

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegular / Blue / RedGreenBlack
1Artists ProofsC.J. McCollumPortland Trail BlazersNN251
2Artists ProofsAllen CrabbePortland Trail BlazersNN251
3Artists ProofsVictor OladipoOrlando MagicNN251
4Artists ProofsIan ClarkUtah JazzNN251
5Artists ProofsGiannis AntetokounmpoMilwaukee BucksNN251
6Artists ProofsReggie BullockLos Angeles ClippersNN251
7Artists ProofsLuigi DatomeDetroit PistonsNN251
8Artists ProofsRicky LedoDallas MavericksNN251
9Artists ProofsErik MurphyChicago BullsNN251
10Artists ProofsKelly OlynykBoston CelticsNN251
11Artists ProofsJeff WitheyNew Orleans PelicansNN251
12Artists ProofsArchie GoodwinPhoenix SunsNN251
13Artists ProofsSteven AdamsOklahoma City ThunderNN251
14Artists ProofsDwight BuycksToronto RaptorsNN251
15Artists ProofsElias HarrisLos Angeles LakersNN251
16Artists ProofsIsaiah CanaanHouston RocketsNN251
17Artists ProofsRobert CovingtonHouston RocketsNN251
18Artists ProofsSergey KarasevCleveland CavaliersNN251
19Artists ProofsCody ZellerCharlotte BobcatsNN251
20Artists ProofsPero AnticAtlanta HawksNN251
21Artists ProofsBen McLemoreSacramento KingsNN251
22Artists ProofsAlex LenPhoenix SunsNN251
23Artists ProofsOgnjen KuzmicGolden State WarriorsNN251
24Artists ProofsGorgui DiengMinnesota TimberwolvesNN251
25Artists ProofsJamaal FranklinMemphis GrizzliesNN251
26Artists ProofsNemanja NedovicGolden State WarriorsNN251
27Artists ProofsKentavious Caldwell-PopeDetroit PistonsNN251
28Artists ProofsCarrick FelixCleveland CavaliersNN251
29Artists ProofsMason PlumleeBrooklyn NetsNN251
30Artists ProofsMiroslav RaduljicaMilwaukee BucksNN251
31Artists ProofsGlen Rice Jr.Washington WizardsNN251
32Artists ProofsNerlens NoelPhiladelphia 76ersNN251
33Artists ProofsAndre RobersonOklahoma City ThunderNN251
34Artists ProofsShabazz MuhammadMinnesota TimberwolvesNN251
35Artists ProofsRyan KellyLos Angeles LakersNN251
36Artists ProofsTony MitchellDetroit PistonsNN251
37Artists ProofsGal MekelDallas MavericksNN251
38Artists ProofsAnthony BennettCleveland CavaliersNN251
39Artists ProofsVitor FaveraniBoston CelticsNN251
40Artists ProofsDennis SchroderAtlanta HawksNN251
41Artists ProofsTrey BurkeUtah JazzNN251
42Artists ProofsMichael Carter-WilliamsPhiladelphia 76ersNN251
43Artists ProofsTim Hardaway Jr.New York KnicksNN251
44Artists ProofsNate WoltersMilwaukee BucksNN251
45Artists ProofsSolomon HillIndiana PacersNN251
46Artists ProofsOtto PorterWashington WizardsNN251
47Artists ProofsShane LarkinDallas MavericksNN251
48Artists ProofsTony SnellChicago BullsNN251
49Artists ProofsPhil PresseyBoston CelticsNN251
50Artists ProofsRay McCallumSacramento KingsNN251
51Artists ProofsJosh SmithDetroit PistonsNN251
52Artists ProofsAndrei KirilenkoBrooklyn NetsNN251
53Artists ProofsChauncey BillupsDetroit PistonsNN251
54Artists ProofsMike ConleyMemphis GrizzliesNN251
55Artists ProofsKawhi LeonardSan Antonio SpursNN251
56Artists ProofsMarcus MorrisPhoenix SunsNN251
57Artists ProofsSerge IbakaOklahoma City ThunderNN251
58Artists ProofsTayshaun PrinceMemphis GrizzliesNN251
59Artists ProofsWill BynumDetroit PistonsNN251
60Artists ProofsBradley BealWashington WizardsNN251
61Artists ProofsJared SullingerBoston CelticsNN251
62Artists ProofsTaj GibsonChicago BullsNN251
63Artists ProofsDraymond GreenGolden State WarriorsNN251
64Artists ProofsRay AllenMiami HeatNN251
65Artists ProofsCarl LandrySacramento KingsNN251
66Artists ProofsEvan TurnerPhiladelphia 76ersNN251
67Artists ProofsAnthony DavisNew Orleans PelicansNN251
68Artists ProofsTony AllenMemphis GrizzliesNN251
69Artists ProofsTy LawsonDenver NuggetsNN251
70Artists ProofsEmeka OkaforPhoenix SunsNN251
71Artists ProofsMarquis TeagueChicago BullsNN251
72Artists ProofsPaul PierceBrooklyn NetsNN251
73Artists ProofsJonas JerebkoDetroit PistonsNN251
74Artists ProofsMarc GasolMemphis GrizzliesNN251
75Artists ProofsDamian LillardPortland Trail BlazersNN251
76Artists ProofsAndrew NicholsonOrlando MagicNN251
77Artists ProofsJ.R. SmithNew York KnicksNN251
78Artists ProofsZach RandolphMemphis GrizzliesNN251
79Artists ProofsRodney StuckeyDetroit PistonsNN251
80Artists ProofsEric MaynorWashington WizardsNN251
81Artists ProofsJamal CrawfordLos Angeles ClippersNN251
82Artists ProofsMike DunleavyChicago BullsNN251
83Artists ProofsDavid LeeGolden State WarriorsNN251
84Artists ProofsUdonis HaslemMiami HeatNN251
85Artists ProofsRobin LopezPortland Trail BlazersNN251
86Artists ProofsJeremy LambOklahoma City ThunderNN251
87Artists ProofsTyreke EvansNew Orleans PelicansNN251
88Artists ProofsTony WrotenPhiladelphia 76ersNN251
89Artists ProofsDirk NowitzkiDallas MavericksNN251
90Artists ProofsJohn WallWashington WizardsNN251
91Artists ProofsLouis WilliamsAtlanta HawksNN251
92Artists ProofsRamon SessionsCharlotte BobcatsNN251
93Artists ProofsBrandon KnightMilwaukee BucksNN251
94Artists ProofsKosta KoufosMemphis GrizzliesNN251
95Artists ProofsManu GinobiliSan Antonio SpursNN251
96Artists ProofsLuis ScolaIndiana PacersNN251
97Artists ProofsThabo SefoloshaOklahoma City ThunderNN251
98Artists ProofsNick YoungLos Angeles LakersNN251
99Artists ProofsEvan FournierDenver NuggetsNN251
100Artists ProofsAlec BurksUtah JazzNN251
101Artists ProofsKyle KorverAtlanta HawksNN251
102Artists ProofsKirk HinrichChicago BullsNN251
103Artists ProofsAndrew BogutGolden State WarriorsNN251
104Artists ProofsNorris ColeMiami HeatNN251
105Artists ProofsDeMarcus CousinsSacramento KingsNN251
106Artists ProofsJason RichardsonPhiladelphia 76ersNN251
107Artists ProofsPablo PrigioniNew York KnicksNN251
108Artists ProofsKobe BryantLos Angeles LakersNN251
109Artists ProofsJae CrowderDallas MavericksNN251
110Artists ProofsDerrick FavorsUtah JazzNN251
111Artists ProofsJohn JenkinsAtlanta HawksNN251
112Artists ProofsMichael Kidd-GilchristCharlotte BobcatsNN251
113Artists ProofsAndre DrummondDetroit PistonsNN251
114Artists ProofsBlake GriffinLos Angeles ClippersNN251
115Artists ProofsJoel FreelandPortland Trail BlazersNN251
116Artists ProofsE'Twaun MooreOrlando MagicNN251
117Artists ProofsAustin RiversNew Orleans PelicansNN251
118Artists ProofsPau GasolLos Angeles LakersNN251
119Artists ProofsJ.J. HicksonDenver NuggetsNN251
120Artists ProofsEnes KanterUtah JazzNN251
121Artists ProofsJeff TeagueAtlanta HawksNN251
122Artists ProofsJoakim NoahChicago BullsNN251
123Artists ProofsAndre IguodalaGolden State WarriorsNN251
124Artists ProofsLeBron JamesMiami HeatNN251
125Artists ProofsVictor ClaverPortland Trail BlazersNN251
126Artists ProofsKendrick PerkinsOklahoma City ThunderNN251
127Artists ProofsAlexey ShvedMinnesota TimberwolvesNN251
128Artists ProofsSteve BlakeLos Angeles LakersNN251
129Artists ProofsMonta EllisDallas MavericksNN251
130Artists ProofsGordon HaywardUtah JazzNN251
131Artists ProofsElton BrandAtlanta HawksNN251
132Artists ProofsKemba WalkerCharlotte BobcatsNN251
133Artists ProofsStephen CurryGolden State WarriorsNN251
134Artists ProofsLarry SandersMilwaukee BucksNN251
135Artists ProofsTiago SplitterSan Antonio SpursNN251
136Artists ProofsMarcin GortatWashington WizardsNN251
137Artists ProofsAmar'e StoudemireNew York KnicksNN251
138Artists ProofsRobert SacreLos Angeles LakersNN251
139Artists ProofsJaVale McGeeDenver NuggetsNN251
140Artists ProofsJohn Lucas IIIUtah JazzNN251
141Artists ProofsAl HorfordAtlanta HawksNN251
142Artists ProofsJimmy ButlerChicago BullsNN251
143Artists ProofsJeremy LinHouston RocketsNN251
144Artists ProofsMario ChalmersMiami HeatNN251
145Artists ProofsGreivis VasquezSacramento KingsNN251
146Artists ProofsSpencer HawesPhiladelphia 76ersNN251
147Artists ProofsCarmelo AnthonyNew York KnicksNN251
148Artists ProofsSteve NashLos Angeles LakersNN251
149Artists ProofsSamuel DalembertDallas MavericksNN251
150Artists ProofsAmir JohnsonToronto RaptorsNN251
151Artists ProofsRajon RondoBoston CelticsNN251
152Artists ProofsBismack BiyomboCharlotte BobcatsNN251
153Artists ProofsKlay ThompsonGolden State WarriorsNN251
154Artists ProofsO.J. MayoMilwaukee BucksNN251
155Artists ProofsLaMarcus AldridgePortland Trail BlazersNN251
156Artists ProofsJameer NelsonOrlando MagicNN251
157Artists ProofsEric GordonNew Orleans PelicansNN251
158Artists ProofsChris PaulLos Angeles ClippersNN251
159Artists ProofsJordan HamiltonDenver NuggetsNN251
160Artists ProofsD.J. AugustinToronto RaptorsNN251
161Artists ProofsMarShon BrooksBoston CelticsNN251
162Artists ProofsDerrick RoseChicago BullsNN251
163Artists ProofsJames HardenHouston RocketsNN251
164Artists ProofsDwyane WadeMiami HeatNN251
165Artists ProofsWill BartonPortland Trail BlazersNN251
166Artists ProofsKevin DurantOklahoma City ThunderNN251
167Artists ProofsCorey BrewerMinnesota TimberwolvesNN251
168Artists ProofsDavid WestIndiana PacersNN251
169Artists ProofsShawn MarionDallas MavericksNN251
170Artists ProofsDeMar DeRozanToronto RaptorsNN251
171Artists ProofsKris HumphriesBoston CelticsNN251
172Artists ProofsAl JeffersonCharlotte BobcatsNN251
173Artists ProofsKent BazemoreGolden State WarriorsNN251
174Artists ProofsJohn HensonMilwaukee BucksNN251
175Artists ProofsTim DuncanSan Antonio SpursNN251
176Artists ProofsP.J. TuckerPhoenix SunsNN251
177Artists ProofsAndrea BargnaniNew York KnicksNN251
178Artists ProofsDeAndre JordanLos Angeles ClippersNN251
179Artists ProofsKenneth FariedDenver NuggetsNN251
180Artists ProofsJonas ValanciunasToronto RaptorsNN251
181Artists ProofsJeff GreenBoston CelticsNN251
182Artists ProofsTyler ZellerCleveland CavaliersNN251
183Artists ProofsDwight HowardHouston RocketsNN251
184Artists ProofsErsan IlyasovaMilwaukee BucksNN251
185Artists ProofsIsaiah ThomasSacramento KingsNN251
186Artists ProofsThaddeus YoungPhiladelphia 76ersNN251
187Artists ProofsRaymond FeltonNew York KnicksNN251
188Artists ProofsGeorge HillIndiana PacersNN251
189Artists ProofsVince CarterDallas MavericksNN251
190Artists ProofsKyle LowryToronto RaptorsNN251
191Artists ProofsBrandon BassBoston CelticsNN251
192Artists ProofsLuol DengChicago BullsNN251
193Artists ProofsHarrison BarnesGolden State WarriorsNN251
194Artists ProofsRicky RubioMinnesota TimberwolvesNN251
195Artists ProofsMeyers LeonardPortland Trail BlazersNN251
196Artists ProofsNikola VucevicOrlando MagicNN251
197Artists ProofsJrue HolidayNew Orleans PelicansNN251
198Artists ProofsJ.J. RedickLos Angeles ClippersNN251
199Artists ProofsNate RobinsonDenver NuggetsNN251
200Artists ProofsLandry FieldsToronto RaptorsNN251
201Artists ProofsAvery BradleyBoston CelticsNN251
202Artists ProofsTristan ThompsonCleveland CavaliersNN251
203Artists ProofsChandler ParsonsHouston RocketsNN251
204Artists ProofsChris AndersenMiami HeatNN251
205Artists ProofsEric BledsoePhoenix SunsNN251
206Artists ProofsRonnie BrewerHouston RocketsNN251
207Artists ProofsDerrick WilliamsMinnesota TimberwolvesNN251
208Artists ProofsDanny GrangerIndiana PacersNN251
209Artists ProofsChris KamanLos Angeles LakersNN251
210Artists ProofsRudy GayToronto RaptorsNN251
211Artists ProofsKevin GarnettBrooklyn NetsNN251
212Artists ProofsJarrett JackCleveland CavaliersNN251
213Artists ProofsAaron BrooksHouston RocketsNN251
214Artists ProofsKevin MartinMinnesota TimberwolvesNN251
215Artists ProofsTony ParkerSan Antonio SpursNN251
216Artists ProofsMarkieff MorrisPhoenix SunsNN251
217Artists ProofsIman ShumpertNew York KnicksNN251
218Artists ProofsJared DudleyLos Angeles ClippersNN251
219Artists ProofsRandy FoyeDenver NuggetsNN251
220Artists ProofsTerrence RossToronto RaptorsNN251
221Artists ProofsJoe JohnsonBrooklyn NetsNN251
222Artists ProofsKyrie IrvingCleveland CavaliersNN251
223Artists ProofsRoy HibbertIndiana PacersNN251
224Artists ProofsNikola PekovicMinnesota TimberwolvesNN251
225Artists ProofsJimmer FredetteSacramento KingsNN251
226Artists ProofsLavoy AllenPhiladelphia 76ersNN251
227Artists ProofsAl-Farouq AminuNew Orleans PelicansNN251
228Artists ProofsChris CopelandIndiana PacersNN251
229Artists ProofsAnderson VarejaoCleveland CavaliersNN251
230Artists ProofsBoris DiawSan Antonio SpursNN251
231Artists ProofsJason TerryBrooklyn NetsNN251
232Artists ProofsEarl ClarkCleveland CavaliersNN251
233Artists ProofsPaul GeorgeIndiana PacersNN251
234Artists ProofsBrandon JenningsDetroit PistonsNN251
235Artists ProofsNicolas BatumPortland Trail BlazersNN251
236Artists ProofsTobias HarrisOrlando MagicNN251
237Artists ProofsRyan AndersonNew Orleans PelicansNN251
238Artists ProofsMatt BarnesLos Angeles ClippersNN251
239Artists ProofsTimofey MozgovDenver NuggetsNN251
240Artists ProofsDanny GreenSan Antonio SpursNN251
241Artists ProofsDeron WilliamsBrooklyn NetsNN251
242Artists ProofsC.J. MilesCleveland CavaliersNN251
243Artists ProofsLance StephensonIndiana PacersNN251
244Artists ProofsChris BoshMiami HeatNN251
245Artists ProofsGoran DragicPhoenix SunsNN251
246Artists ProofsRussell WestbrookOklahoma City ThunderNN251
247Artists ProofsKevin LoveMinnesota TimberwolvesNN251
248Artists ProofsRyan HollinsLos Angeles ClippersNN251
249Artists ProofsAndrew BynumCleveland CavaliersNN251
250Artists ProofsBrook LopezBrooklyn NetsNN251
251Artists ProofsDikembe MutomboAtlanta HawksNN251
252Artists ProofsDan IsselDenver NuggetsNN251
253Artists ProofsMagic JohnsonLos Angeles LakersNN251
254Artists ProofsOscar RobertsonMilwaukee BucksNN251
255Artists ProofsWilt ChamberlainPhiladelphia 76ersNN251
256Artists ProofsShawn KempSeattle SupersonicsNN251
257Artists ProofsGheorghe MuresanWashington BulletsNN251
258Artists ProofsDavid RobinsonSan Antonio SpursNN251
259Artists ProofsPatrick EwingNew York KnicksNN251
260Artists ProofsJason WilliamsMemphis GrizzliesNN251
261Artists ProofsYao MingHouston RocketsNN251
262Artists ProofsMichael FinleyDallas MavericksNN251
263Artists ProofsDominique WilkinsAtlanta HawksNN251
264Artists ProofsMark PriceCleveland CavaliersNN251
265Artists ProofsGeorge McGinnisIndiana Pacers (ABA)NN251
266Artists ProofsChristian LaettnerMinnesota TimberwolvesNN251
267Artists ProofsJulius ErvingPhiladelphia 76ersNN251
268Artists ProofsNate ThurmondSan Francisco WarriorsNN251
269Artists ProofsManute BolWashington BulletsNN251
270Artists ProofsClyde DrexlerPortland Trail BlazersNN251
271Artists ProofsGeorge MikanMinneapolis LakersNN251
272Artists ProofsBob LanierDetroit PistonsNN251
273Artists ProofsLarry BirdBoston CelticsNN251
274Artists ProofsIsiah ThomasDetroit PistonsNN251
275Artists ProofsElgin BaylorLos Angeles LakersNN251
276Artists ProofsAnfernee HardawayOrlando MagicNN251
277Artists ProofsWorld B. FreeSan Diego ClippersNN251
278Artists ProofsKarl MaloneUtah JazzNN251
279Artists ProofsWalt FrazierNew York KnicksNN251
280Artists ProofsBill WaltonLos Angeles ClippersNN251
281Artists ProofsDavid ThompsonDenver NuggetsNN251
282Artists ProofsBill RussellBoston CelticsNN251
283Artists ProofsRolando BlackmanDallas MavericksNN251
284Artists ProofsAlonzo MourningMiami HeatNN251
285Artists ProofsGeorge GervinSan Antonio SpursNN251
286Artists ProofsJohn StocktonUtah JazzNN251
287Artists ProofsTom ChambersPhoenix SunsNN251
288Artists ProofsEddie JonesMiami HeatNN251
289Artists ProofsLarry NanceCleveland CavaliersNN251
290Artists ProofsScottie PippenChicago BullsNN251
291Artists ProofsNate ArchibaldKansas City-Omaha KingsNN251
292Artists ProofsJason KiddNew Jersey NetsNN251
293Artists ProofsSpud WebbSacramento KingsNN251
294Artists ProofsGary PaytonSeattle SupersonicsNN251
295Artists ProofsShaquille O'NealOrlando MagicNN251
296Artists ProofsDrazen PetrovicNew Jersey NetsNN251
297Artists ProofsKareem Abdul-JabbarMilwaukee BucksNN251
298Artists ProofsDennis RodmanChicago BullsNN251
299Artists ProofsRick BarryGolden State WarriorsNN251
300Artists ProofsHakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsNN251

Credits: Ebay, Panini

2013-14 Panini Pinnacle Basketball Checklist – Z-Team

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Kawhi Leonard - Z Team

Kawhi Leonard – Z Team

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegular / Artist Proofs / Blue / RedDie CutsGreenBlack
1Z-TeamKobe BryantLos Angeles LakersNN99251
2Z-TeamLeBron JamesMiami HeatNN99251
3Z-TeamAnthony DavisNew Orleans PelicansNN99251
4Z-TeamKyrie IrvingCleveland CavaliersNN99251
5Z-TeamKevin DurantOklahoma City ThunderNN99251
6Z-TeamCarmelo AnthonyNew York KnicksNN99251
7Z-TeamDerrick RoseChicago BullsNN99251
8Z-TeamJohn WallWashington WizardsNN99251
9Z-TeamJames HardenHouston RocketsNN99251
10Z-TeamChris PaulLos Angeles ClippersNN99251
11Z-TeamPaul GeorgeIndiana PacersNN99251
12Z-TeamRajon RondoBoston CelticsNN99251
13Z-TeamKawhi LeonardSan Antonio SpursNN99251
14Z-TeamKenneth FariedDenver NuggetsNN99251
15Z-TeamDamian LillardPortland Trail BlazersNN99251
16Z-TeamRicky RubioMinnesota TimberwolvesNN99251
17Z-TeamBrandon KnightMilwaukee BucksNN99251
18Z-TeamBlake GriffinLos Angeles ClippersNN99251
19Z-TeamDirk NowitzkiDallas MavericksNN99251
20Z-TeamStephen CurryGolden State WarriorsNN99251

Credits: Ebay, Panini