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2013-14 Upper Deck SP Authentic Checklist – SP By the Letter Signatures

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Michael Jordan - By the Letter

Michael Jordan – By the Letter

NumberSet NamePlayerTeamSerial
BL-ACSP By the Letter SignaturesA.C. GreenBeavers385
BL-AESP By the Letter SignaturesAlex EnglishGamecocks455
BL-AHSP By the Letter SignaturesAllan HoustonVolunteers315
BL-AMSP By the Letter SignaturesAlonzo MourningHoyas30
BL-AWSP By the Letter SignaturesAntoine WalkerWildcats400
BL-BDSP By the Letter SignaturesBrad DaughertyTar Heels455
BL-BLSP By the Letter SignaturesBill LaimbeerFighting Irish450
BL-BRSP By the Letter SignaturesBryant ReevesCowboys455
BL-BUSP By the Letter SignaturesBuck WilliamsTerrapins400
BL-BWSP By the Letter SignaturesBill WaltonBruins40
BL-CCSP By the Letter SignaturesCalbert CheaneyHoosiers420
BL-CLSP By the Letter SignaturesChristian LaettnerBlue Devils40
BL-CMSP By the Letter SignaturesCheryl MillerTrojans105
BL-CWSP By the Letter SignaturesCorliss WilliamsonRazorbacks355
BL-DBSP By the Letter SignaturesDrew BarryYellow Jackets110
BL-DCSP By the Letter SignaturesDave CowensSeminoles180
BL-DRSP By the Letter SignaturesDavid RobinsonMidshipmen40
BL-DWSP By the Letter SignaturesDominique WilkinsBulldogs70
BL-GHSP By the Letter SignaturesGrant HillBlue Devils40
BL-GLSP By the Letter SignaturesGlenn RobinsonBoilermakers450
BL-GRSP By the Letter SignaturesGlen RiceWolverines80
BL-HASP By the Letter SignaturesAnfernee HardawayTigers21
BL-HOSP By the Letter SignaturesHakeem OlajuwonCougars21
BL-ITSP By the Letter SignaturesIsiah ThomasHoosiers35
BL-JESP By the Letter SignaturesJulius ErvingMinutemen15
BL-JKSP By the Letter SignaturesJason KiddGolden Bears30
BL-JLSP By the Letter SignaturesJerry LucasBuckeyes135
BL-JMSP By the Letter SignaturesJamal MashburnWildcats400
BL-JOSP By the Letter SignaturesMagic JohnsonSpartans39
BL-JSSP By the Letter SignaturesJoe SmithTerrapins400
BL-JWSP By the Letter SignaturesJay WilliamsBlue Devils200
BL-KASP By the Letter SignaturesKenny AndersonYellow Jackets385
BL-KGSP By the Letter SignaturesKendall GillFighting Illini400
BL-KKSP By the Letter SignaturesKerry KittlesWildcats450
BL-KMSP By the Letter SignaturesKarl MaloneBulldogs39
BL-KSSP By the Letter SignaturesKeith SmartHoosiers420
BL-LASP By the Letter SignaturesLarry Johnson (UNLV)Runnin' Rebels35
BL-LBSP By the Letter SignaturesLarry BirdSycamores36
BL-LESP By the Letter SignaturesLaPhonso EllisFighting Irish450
BL-LJSP By the Letter SignaturesLeBron JamesFighting Irish150
BL-MASP By the Letter SignaturesDonyell MarshallHuskies375
BL-MJSP By the Letter SignaturesMichael JordanTar Heels299
BL-OBSP By the Letter SignaturesOtis BirdsongCougars385
BL-PGSP By the Letter SignaturesPaul GeorgeBulldogs110
BL-RHSP By the Letter SignaturesRobert HorryCrimson Tide350
BL-RMSP By the Letter SignaturesRon MercerWildcats400
BL-ROSP By the Letter SignaturesDennis RodmanSavage Storm36
BL-RRSP By the Letter SignaturesRajon RondoWildcats80
BL-RSSP By the Letter SignaturesRod StricklandBlue Demons450
BL-RUSP By the Letter SignaturesBill RussellDons9
BL-SBSP By the Letter SignaturesShawn BradleyCougars420
BL-SCSP By the Letter SignaturesDetlef SchrempfHuskies350
BL-SESP By the Letter SignaturesSean ElliottWildcats420
BL-SNSP By the Letter SignaturesSwen NaterBruins300
BL-SPSP By the Letter SignaturesSam PerkinsTar Heels455
BL-TBSP By the Letter SignaturesTerrell BrandonDucks450
BL-TGSP By the Letter SignaturesTony GwynnAztecs60
BL-THSP By the Letter SignaturesTim HardawayMiners140

Credits: Ebay, Upper Deck

2013-14 Upper Deck SP Authentic Checklist – Canvas Collection Legends

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Michael Jordan - Canvas Collection Legends

Michael Jordan – Canvas Collection Legends

NumberSet NamePlayerTeam
CC-1Canvas Collection LegendsDominique WilkinsBulldogs
CC-2Canvas Collection LegendsKarl MaloneBulldogs
CC-3Canvas Collection LegendsAllen IversonHoyas
CC-4Canvas Collection LegendsGrant HillBlue Devils
CC-5Canvas Collection LegendsHakeem OlajuwonCougars
CC-6Canvas Collection LegendsIsiah ThomasHoosiers
CC-7Canvas Collection LegendsDennis RodmanSavage Storm
CC-8Canvas Collection LegendsReggie MillerBruins
CC-9Canvas Collection LegendsPaul GeorgeBulldogs
CC-10Canvas Collection LegendsDavid RobinsonMidshipmen
CC-11Canvas Collection LegendsAnfernee HardawayTigers
CC-12Canvas Collection LegendsLarry BirdSycamores
CC-13Canvas Collection LegendsMagic JohnsonSpartans
CC-14Canvas Collection LegendsJulius ErvingMinutemen
CC-15Canvas Collection LegendsChris PaulDeacon Demons
CC-16Canvas Collection LegendsDerrick ColemanOrangemen
CC-17Canvas Collection LegendsLeBron JamesFighting Irish
CC-18Canvas Collection LegendsMichael JordanTar Heels
CC-19Canvas Collection LegendsLarry Johnson (UNLV)Runnin' Rebels
CC-20Canvas Collection LegendsJay WilliamsBlue Devils
CC-21Canvas Collection LegendsGlenn RobinsonBoilermakers
CC-22Canvas Collection LegendsJerry LucasBuckeyes
CC-23Canvas Collection LegendsDave CowensSeminoles
CC-24Canvas Collection LegendsJoe SmithTerrapins
CC-25Canvas Collection LegendsJohn HavlicekBuckeyes
CC-26Canvas Collection LegendsKenny AndersonYellow Jackets
CC-27Canvas Collection LegendsGlen RiceWolverines
CC-28Canvas Collection LegendsCheryl MillerTrojans
CC-29Canvas Collection LegendsRajon RondoWildcats
CC-30Canvas Collection LegendsAlonzo MourningHoyas

Credits: Ebay, Upper Deck