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2013-14 Panini Select Basketball Checklist – Rookie Jerseys Autographs

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Tim Hardaway Jr. - Rookie Jersey Autographs

Tim Hardaway Jr. – Rookie Jersey Autographs

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegularPurpleBlueGoldGreenBlack
1Rookie Jerseys AutographsGiannis AntetokounmpoMilwaukee BucksNN99491051
2Rookie Jerseys AutographsMason PlumleeBrooklyn NetsNN99491051
3Rookie Jerseys AutographsGlen Rice Jr.Washington WizardsNN99491051
4Rookie Jerseys AutographsErik MurphyChicago BullsNN99491051
5Rookie Jerseys AutographsVictor OladipoOrlando MagicNN60351051
6Rookie Jerseys AutographsLuigi DatomeDetroit PistonsNN99491051
7Rookie Jerseys AutographsOtto PorterWashington WizardsNN60351051
8Rookie Jerseys AutographsNerlens NoelPhiladelphia 76ersNN60351051
9Rookie Jerseys AutographsTrey BurkeUtah JazzNN60351051
10Rookie Jerseys AutographsSteven AdamsOklahoma City ThunderNN99491051
11Rookie Jerseys AutographsShane LarkinDallas MavericksNN99491051
12Rookie Jerseys AutographsTim Hardaway Jr.New York KnicksNN99491051
13Rookie Jerseys AutographsNate WoltersMilwaukee BucksNN99491051
14Rookie Jerseys AutographsRicky LedoDallas MavericksNN99491051
15Rookie Jerseys AutographsMatthew DellavedovaCleveland CavaliersNN99491051
16Rookie Jerseys AutographsRudy GobertUtah JazzNN99491051
17Rookie Jerseys AutographsCody ZellerCharlotte BobcatsNN60351051
18Rookie Jerseys AutographsBen McLemoreSacramento KingsNN60351051
19Rookie Jerseys AutographsC.J. McCollumPortland Trail BlazersNN60351051
20Rookie Jerseys AutographsKelly OlynykBoston CelticsNN99491051
21Rookie Jerseys AutographsTony SnellChicago BullsNN99491051
22Rookie Jerseys AutographsArchie GoodwinPhoenix SunsNN99491051
23Rookie Jerseys AutographsTony MitchellDetroit PistonsNN99491051
24Rookie Jerseys AutographsGal MekelDallas MavericksNN99491051
25Rookie Jerseys AutographsPeyton SivaDetroit PistonsNN99491051
26Rookie Jerseys AutographsAnthony BennettCleveland CavaliersNN60351051
27Rookie Jerseys AutographsAlex LenPhoenix SunsNN60351051
28Rookie Jerseys AutographsKentavious Caldwell-PopeDetroit PistonsNN60351051
29Rookie Jerseys AutographsMichael Carter-WilliamsPhiladelphia 76ersNN60351051
30Rookie Jerseys AutographsShabazz MuhammadMinnesota TimberwolvesNN60351051

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Innovation Basketball Checklist – Main Exhibit Signatures Rookies

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Tim Hardaway Jr - Main Exhibit Signatures Rookies

Tim Hardaway Jr – Main Exhibit Signatures Rookies

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamSeq.
1Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesVitor FaveraniBoston Celtics299
2Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesCarrick FelixCleveland Cavaliers299
3Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesSolomon HillIndiana Pacers299
4Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesTrey BurkeUtah Jazz125
5Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesSergey KarasevCleveland Cavaliers299
6Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesToure MurryNew York Knicks299
7Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesGal MekelDallas Mavericks299
8Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesMason PlumleeBrooklyn Nets299
9Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesShabazz MuhammadMinnesota Timberwolves75
10Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesCody ZellerCharlotte Bobcats75
11Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesLuigi DatomeDetroit Pistons299
12Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesIan ClarkUtah Jazz299
13Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesTim Hardaway Jr.New York Knicks299
14Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesVictor OladipoOrlando Magic75
15Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesNemanja NedovicGolden State Warriors299
16Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesGorgui DiengMinnesota Timberwolves299
17Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesArchie GoodwinPhoenix Suns299
18Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesGiannis AntetokounmpoMilwaukee Bucks299
19Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesBen McLemoreSacramento Kings75
20Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesC.J. McCollumPortland Trail Blazers75
21Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesRobert CovingtonHouston Rockets299
22Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesShane LarkinDallas Mavericks299
23Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesDennis SchroderAtlanta Hawks199
24Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesAlex LenPhoenix Suns75
25Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesDwight BuycksToronto Raptors299
26Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesPhil PresseyBoston Celtics299
27Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesAndre RobersonOklahoma City Thunder299
28Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesKelly OlynykBoston Celtics299
29Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesOtto PorterWashington Wizards75
30Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesRay McCallumSacramento Kings299
31Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesNate WoltersMilwaukee Bucks299
32Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesGlen Rice Jr.Washington Wizards199
33Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesAnthony BennettCleveland Cavaliers75
34Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesLorenzo BrownPhiladelphia 76ers299
35Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesTony SnellChicago Bulls299
36Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesIsaiah CanaanHouston Rockets299
37Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesSteven AdamsOklahoma City Thunder199
38Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesNerlens NoelPhiladelphia 76ers75
39Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesRudy GobertUtah Jazz299
40Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesErik MurphyChicago Bulls299
41Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesMichael Carter-WilliamsPhiladelphia 76ers125
42Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesKentavious Caldwell-PopeDetroit Pistons75
43Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesPero AnticAtlanta Hawks299
44Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesMiroslav RaduljicaMilwaukee Bucks299
45Main Exhibit Signatures RookiesMatthew DellavedovaCleveland Cavaliers299

Credits: Panini, Ebay

2013-14 Panini Crusade Basketball Previews

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Lebron James - Crusade Prizm Die Cut

Lebron James – Crusade Prizm Die Cut

Panini America has just posted the designs of 2013-14 Crusade Basketball and one design is noticeable, this year’s Crusade Prizms has an added touch wherein Panini introduced a die-cut to the chased rainbows. Also, they have made a disticntive background for the base cards, different designs for Rookie Cards, Current Players and Retired/HOF.

2013-14 Upper Deck Fleer Retro Basketball Checklist – 1995-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie Auto

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Tim Hardaway Jr - 1995-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie Auto

Tim Hardaway Jr – 1995-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie Auto

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamSeq
19195-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoGrant JerrettWildcatsNN
19295-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoNemanja NedovicNN
19395-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoMason PlumleeBlue DevilsNN
19495-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoJamaal FranklinAztecsNN
19595-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoShane LarkinHurricanesNN
19695-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoIsaiah CanaanRacersNN
19795-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoTim Hardaway Jr.WolverinesNN
19895-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoLivio Jean-CharlesNN
20095-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoSkylar DigginsFighting IrishNN
20395-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoErick GreenHokiesNN
20495-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoRyan KellyBlue DevilsNN
20595-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoPeyton SivaCardinalsNN
20695-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoSolomon HillWildcatsNN
20895-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoGiannis AntetokounmpoNN
20995-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoBrandon PaulFighting IlliniNN
21195-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoWill ClyburnCyclonesNN
21295-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoAdonis Thomas (Basketball)TigersNN
21595-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoReggie BullockTar HeelsNN
21795-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoDeshaun ThomasBuckeyesNN
21895-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoLorenzo BrownWolfpackNN
22095-96 Fleer Ultra Rookie AutoDennis SchroederNN

Credits: Ebay, Upper Deck

2013-14 Upper Deck Fleer Retro Basketball Checklist – 1993-94 Ultra All Rookie Series Autos

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Tim Hardaway Jr - 1993-94 Ultra All Rookie Series Autos

Tim Hardaway Jr – 1993-94 Ultra All Rookie Series Autos

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamSeq
ARS-11993-94 Ultra All Rookie Series AutosTim Hardaway Jr.WolverinesNN
ARS-21993-94 Ultra All Rookie Series AutosSkylar DigginsFighting IrishNN
ARS-41993-94 Ultra All Rookie Series AutosReggie BullockTar HeelsNN
ARS-81993-94 Ultra All Rookie Series AutosSolomon HillWildcatsNN
ARS-91993-94 Ultra All Rookie Series AutosShane LarkinHurricanesNN
ARS-101993-94 Ultra All Rookie Series AutosMason PlumleeBlue DevilsNN

Credits: Ebay, Upper Deck

2013-14 Panini Totally Certified Basketball Checklist – Certified Future Stars Signatures

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Tim Hardaway Jr - Certified Future Stars Signatures

Tim Hardaway Jr – Certified Future Stars Signatures

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamSeq.
1Certified Future Stars SignaturesTrey BurkeUtah Jazz25
2Certified Future Stars SignaturesTony MitchellDetroit Pistons325
3Certified Future Stars SignaturesAnthony BennettCleveland Cavaliers25
4Certified Future Stars SignaturesRudy GobertUtah Jazz299
5Certified Future Stars SignaturesC.J. McCollumPortland Trail Blazers25
6Certified Future Stars SignaturesVictor OladipoOrlando Magic25
7Certified Future Stars SignaturesKelly OlynykBoston Celtics199
8Certified Future Stars SignaturesMichael Carter-WilliamsPhiladelphia 76ers25
9Certified Future Stars SignaturesOtto PorterWashington Wizards25
10Certified Future Stars SignaturesArchie GoodwinPhoenix Suns325
11Certified Future Stars SignaturesRay McCallumSacramento Kings199
12Certified Future Stars SignaturesCody ZellerCharlotte Bobcats25
13Certified Future Stars SignaturesRyan KellyLos Angeles Lakers299
14Certified Future Stars SignaturesShabazz MuhammadMinnesota Timberwolves25
15Certified Future Stars SignaturesAlex LenPhoenix Suns25
16Certified Future Stars SignaturesPeyton SivaDetroit Pistons325
17Certified Future Stars SignaturesNate WoltersMilwaukee Bucks325
18Certified Future Stars SignaturesNerlens NoelPhiladelphia 76ers25
19Certified Future Stars SignaturesSolomon HillIndiana Pacers325
20Certified Future Stars SignaturesTim Hardaway Jr.New York Knicks299
21Certified Future Stars SignaturesBen McLemoreSacramento Kings25
22Certified Future Stars SignaturesGrant JerrettOklahoma City Thunder299
23Certified Future Stars SignaturesGorgui DiengMinnesota Timberwolves299
24Certified Future Stars SignaturesKentavious Caldwell-PopeDetroit Pistons25
25Certified Future Stars SignaturesJamaal FranklinMemphis Grizzlies325

Credits: Panini