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0945 What Network In The Philippines?

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Here is the answer to the query, which telco network in the Philippines owns a mobile number that has a prefix of 0945? (more…)

How To Get Sss Number Online In 2022

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The SSS number is a ten-digit number assigned to all compulsory and voluntary Social Security System members in the Philippines (SSS). Each SSS member is assigned a unique SSS number, which is used to track their membership, personal information, contributions, loans, and benefits, among other things. (more…)

How To Check Your Pag-IBIG Contribution Online In 2022

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Since its inception many years ago to help ordinary Filipinos have their own home, the Pag-IBIG Fund has assisted numerous Filipinos in obtaining flexible and affordable housing loans that even to this day bless the lives of a lot of medians to minimum wage earners. Are you interested in learning how to verify Pag IBIG’s contribution online? The procedure is straightforward and simple; follow the steps and you can check it in minutes. Share the news with everybody so they too can benefit from the housing loans and other services offered by the Pagibig Fund. (more…)

How to Redeem Globe Reward Points – Step By Step Guide

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The Globe Rewards Program is our way of granting special treats to you for your continued loyal use of Globe or TM products and services. When you sign up for the Globe Rewards program, simply register and enter your personal information for free on the Globe One app. As our valued customer, you will get free reward points that you can use for discounted and free phone loads, text messages, data plan recharges, and many more. You can earn points at any time, anywhere, and use them at any time. (more…)

How To Borrow Load In Smart

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Smart and TN T Prepaid Subscribers can borrow load from Smart via Smart SOS Load, even if their balance is zero. It’s a fantastic SOS load service from Smart that enables subscribers to lend or borrow a load for texting, calling, and even mobile internet. (more…)

How To Check Balance In Globe This 2022

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There are various ways wherein you can check the balance in the Globe network. Getting to one or two will be handy in all times. (more…)

How To Get PhilHealth Id In 2022

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Members must provide their Member Data Record (MDR) and/or PhilHealth ID in order to access PhilHealth benefits. Possessing a PhilHealth ID enables you to maximize your contributions to the said government institution. The following are the steps to take to obtain one. (more…)

Learn How To Lock Your Profile In Facebook In Just Few Minutes

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To safeguard your personal data, Fb has launched a new free function called “Facebook Profile Lock”. Only your Facebook friends will be able to see your posts, photos, stories, and other personal information if you use this feature to lock down your Facebook profile or account. (more…)