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How To Borrow Load In Smart

by | Posted on: February 5th, 2022 | No Comments |

Smart and TN T Prepaid Subscribers can borrow load from Smart via Smart SOS Load, even if their balance is zero. It’s a fantastic SOS load service from Smart that enables subscribers to lend or borrow a load for texting, calling, and even mobile internet.

How to borrow load in Smart

Did you have an experience when you have very important transactions to make and you need to call, text, or use the internet to accomplish it and found out you are out of mobile load? Before you find any mobile loading station or ask a friend for a Pasaload to help you out, just letting you know you can borrow load from Smart. Or “utang” in our language. You can borrow from Smart ranging from regular load, text, call, data, or promos so long as you are eligible.

This “utang load” will allow you to have load credits for selected call, text, or data packages. So no more wasting time to do your most important thing to do. Very very convenient if you are stuck in a location where loading stations are not available in the locations and most importantly in emergency cases. That’s why it is called SOS as well or Smart SOS service. In dire situations or emergencies, this might be lifesaving for you. Thanks to Smart for these innovative solutions for us. Just letting you know though that in your next reload or top-up, Smart will automatically deduct the amount you borrow on your regular load. So you will be aware because some are being annoyed why the load they bought had been deducted.

So how do you qualifies or who are eligible for Smart SOS Service?

First, make sure that your SMART or TNT sim card is active for a minimum of one month. This is to prevent any abuse in the services. Wherein you may loan a load and buy a new sim. Make sure that your sim card is at least 30 days old prior to availing Smart SOS. And also another thing, borrowing Smart SOS loan can be done one at a time. Meaning to say pay what you owe first before availing of another loan.

So how to borrow load in Smart? Here is the steps

First on your mobile phone dial this number *767 or *SOS on your keypad. Using this service requires no load on your end. Wait for the confirmation message regarding your borrowed load. With this loan, you will have 3 text messages for any Smart and TNT and also include a Php1 load all valid for one day. Just remember in your next top-up a Php4 will be deducted from your regular load balance.

Next options is to DIAL *5623# or *LOAD#

This is a USSD code and a pop-up message will show giving you options of what you will borrow. You can select from any text, call, or package. I have here a table for your reference.

P4 ON NET SMSBorrow 4 texts to Smart/TNT4.001 day
P5 ALL NET SMSBorrow 4 texts to Smart/TNT5.001 day
P6.50 ON NET VOICEBorrow 1 minute call to Smart/TNT6.501 day
P7 BIG SEVENBorrow 9 texts to Smart/TNT7.001 day
P10 COMBO SMSBorrow 5 texts to Smart/TNT + 2 voice messages to Smart/TNT10.001 day
P10 COMBO VOICEBorrow 1 minute call to Smart/TNT + 5 minutes Internet10.001 day

Last options will be sending a keyword to 7676

With these options, all you have to do is send an SMS keyword to 7676. You will receive a message confirming your loan and the details of it. I made a table below what keywords you will need to send and also useful information like validity, deduction, and description. For TNT subscribers if they wanted to use these options, all they have to do is replace the word SOS with the word SAKLOLOAD send it as well to 7676 make sure you type the correct words. So check the table below.


BIG7SOS BIG7 to 7676Borrow 9 texts to Smart/TNT1 day
BIG10SOS BIG10 to 7676Borrow 3 texts to Smart/TNT and 10 texts to all networks1 day
SURF10SOS SURF10 to 7676Borrow 10 minutes of Internet surfing + ₱1 airtime load1 day
ALL OUT SURF 20SOS ALLOUT20 to 7676Borrow unlimited texts to all networks, 20 minutes calls to Smart/TNT/Sun, 150MB Internet data, and free Facebook1 day
ALL OUT SURF 30SOS ALLOUT30 to 7676Borrow unlimited texts to all networks, 30 minutes calls to Smart/TNT/Sun, 300MB Internet data, and free Facebook1 day
UCT 30SOS UCT30 to 7676Borrow unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited calls to Smart/TNT/Sun, and 100MB Internet data1 day

Last thing is how to check your SOS Balance?

To figure out your balance in Smart text this keyword in this format SOS BAL to 7676 and for the TNT subscribers the same format as well but replace the SOS. For example SAKLOLOAD BAL to 7676.  This amazing service helps a lot of our Kababayan who may not have an immediate way also to load right away. This is one of the innovative services Smart proves that they know exactly what our need at times.


Personally, I love this service with Smart. It helps me a lot in many ways. Hope this article helps you as well. Sharing is caring they say, please share it with your friends who will find this useful. You did not only help them you help us. Thank you for your time.