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How To Check Balance In Globe This 2022

by | Posted on: February 1st, 2022 | No Comments |

There are various ways wherein you can check the balance in the Globe network. Getting to one or two will be handy in all times.

How to do a balance inquiry in Globe

Checking balance is important when you have enough regular load to subscribe to a certain promo. It is really annoying if you text a wrong keyword and then you have deducted a peso for it and your balance in Globe is enough for registering for a promo. I know how it feels and certainly, I know how frustrating it is if you’re unable to text call or use data when you needed it most. So let me guide you on how to check the balance in Globe, so you will never experience this annoying scenario.

There are many ways wherein you can check the balance in Globe. You just need to know a couple of these ways and you’re good to go. So, check all the options down below. Checking balance in Globe doesn’t cost anything, so you can at your heart’s content check your balance in Globe anytime. And the good thing of this as well even though you don’t have a balance at all, you can do so. So, it is really handy at times.

Checking balance is not also to know your regular loads, you can also check your remaining data, call text, or expirations of your current promo.

Whatever method you choose is up to you here are ways how to do it.

First is the very easy one is to dial a USSD code

DIAL *143#

I like this method personally, because of the way the number is arranged. When I was a teen, we used to write codes “I love you” in numbers, and “143” is the exact number of letters of those words. So, when I saw it the first time. I am pretty much sure I can memorize it. So easy.

So, after you dial the number. A menu will pop up with options for promos and everything. But you will notice on the top it will show you balance spot on. It is very useful because you can then choose a package or promos based on your current balance. So, no need to wait for the text message and then redial again. That takes more time, on that menu you can also check data balance by going to my account just reply 0 zero, then reply 1. And a text will be sent for your remaining data.

This method in checking sending a sms

TEXT BAL send it to 222

This way option is an easy way since all you have to do is send a keyword BAL to 222. And right away you will receive a text detailed message stating your balance in your account, validity, and any other data, text, SMS balances you still have. Same with dialing code, sending SMS to 222 will not incur any charges nor does this option require any balance in your Globe part.


if you have a data package or promo that you subscribed to and want to check the balance follow the format above. Send an SMS to 8080. Example DATA BAL send to 8080. In this way you will know the amount of data left, expiration data, and useful information of the data package you subscribed on. Same as all methods this is free of charge too.

The last free options are to call 222

CALL 222

Dialing 222 will not show you any pop up just like the first option. But this is an automated service from Globe that sends SMS right away to check your balance. This is only for regular load balance and not for any data balance. So same as well this is free of any charge.

This last method is using Globe app

Using Globe App

This option is free but you need an internet connection to do so. That’s is why I put it on the last options. You are lucky enough if you have a WIFI connection so you can check the you balance in Globe. Or if you have mobile data then you can do so. Just open the Globe one app, if you have one or download from play store if you don’t. Open the app and you will see right away your remaining balance and any remaining data plan left.

So just remember a couple of these ways and then you’re good to go. Share this method with your friends and family. Some of them might find it very useful since I make sure it is easy to be understood. Thank you so much for your time and hoping you have a good day.