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How To Get PhilHealth Id In 2022

by | Posted on: January 30th, 2022 | No Comments |

Members must provide their Member Data Record (MDR) and/or PhilHealth ID in order to access PhilHealth benefits. Possessing a PhilHealth ID enables you to maximize your contributions to the said government institution. The following are the steps to take to obtain one.

Fast and hassle-free steps on how to get a PhilHealth ID This 2022

Health is wealth, as the saying goes. That’s why we must have a PhilHealth in case of an unforeseen event in the future, we are hospitalized. We can get medical benefits from PhilHealth. It is a huge help since half or most of the fee is covered by PhilHealth. So, if you have PhilHealth, you must have an ID too. An ID from PhilHealth can also be used for transactions in private and government offices. So, it is a good advantage if you have an ID. Due to the pandemic that happened in the world, having a PhilHealth id is very important. Getting a vaccine with a PhilHealth card is free, whereas if you purchase it in private, it will cost you a fortune. So, since ID is important, what do you need to do, and how to get one?

How to get a PhilHealth ID

Employment: Normally, if you are employed, PhilHealth is one of the mandatory requirements of the government. Chances are they have already done all the legwork and all you have to do is fill up a form, provide documents and a photo, and the company will enroll you in PhilHealth.

  • Two duly completed PhilHealth Member Registration Forms (PMRFs) [2].
  • Two recent 1×1 ID photos
  • At least two valid identification cards or a photocopy of your PSA-issued birth certificate.

So, all you have to do is get the number of your PhilHealth from your company and head over to one of the PhilHealth offices to get the ID.

Self-Employed and Voluntary Members

If you are one of these types, you will need to prepare and submit all the necessary requirements to any PhilHealth office to have a PhilHealth and also get an id after.

Unemployed and self-employed individuals require a PhilHealth ID.

  • Two duly completed PhilHealth Member Registration Forms (PMRFs) [2].
  • Two recent 1×1 ID photos
  • At least two valid identification cards or a photocopy of your PSA-issued birth certificate.

How to Obtain a PhilHealth Identification Card

Prepare the requirements first.

  • Employed or self-employed applicants must prepare two (2) valid IDs/documents (for example, TIN ID, UMID ID, driver’s license, NSO Birth Certificate, etc.), two (2) copies of 1×1 ID photos, and two (2) copies of the PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF), which can be downloaded online.
  • Prepare the printed email body sent out to your active email account by PhilHealth upon your enrollment, as well as two valid IDs/documents if you registered online.
  • Go to a PhilHealth office near you.
  • For your application, go over to the closest PhilHealth Office and ask the staff at the applicant’s desk. For online applicants, request instructions on how to obtain a PhilHealth ID Card and present your hard copy email as proof of prior enrollment.
  • Obtain a PhilHealth ID card and a copy of your member data record (MDR).
  • Following a successful process, you will be asked to wait a few minutes for your PhilHealth ID Card and Member Data Record to be printed (MDR).

PhilHealth recently issued an advisory urging people to report anybody who receives fees in return for helping with the issuance of ID cards.

PhilHealth ID Cards come in two varieties.

Members can choose between 2 kinds of PhilHealth ID cards. While each card serves the same purpose (providing proof of membership to registered members), the extent to which they can be used varies.

  • The regular PhilHealth ID (common)
    1. This is a paper identification card that you can obtain from every PhilHealth Local Office. It is provided to PhilHealth participants without charge and can be used to subsidize hospital expenses at any hospital. Despite being recognized as PhilHealth’s official ID card, this identity card can’t be used for other government or banking financial transactions. This card only gives you access to PhilHealth’s basic services and allows you to file for insurance at any public or private hospital.
  • The PhilHealth Insurance ID Card (special)
    1. This PhilHealth Insurance Card is the second form of identification. It’s a digitized ID that’s given to all PhilHealth members. This is the only optional card and may incur extra costs, but it has greater utility than a regular ID card. The disadvantage is that it is not yet available in all regions for distribution. Check with your local LHIO to see if it is presently available in your location.

The advantage of having a PhilHealth insurance card is greater than that of the regular one.

  1. Aside from the usual hospital bill discount, members can have special deals only for insurance card holders like
  2. 15% discount on generic drugs at Watson’s, Rose Pharmacy, South Star Drug, and The Generics Pharmacy.
  3. A 15% discount on all generic drugs is given at Watson’s, Rose Pharmacy, The Generics Pharmacy, and South Star Drug.
  4. 20% to 80% discount on flu vaccines on PQ Health Shield and GSK
  5. Discount from 20% to 80% discount on flu vaccines provided by GSK and PQ Health Shield
  6. A free eye examination from Sarabia Optical, plus a 20% discount on their regular items
  7. A 10% discount at JNW Drug Testing sites
  8. This PhilHealth ID is a valid government ID that can be used for all banks and government transactions.
  9. Beneficiaries can also use this card to get discounts at affiliated pharmacies when purchasing medication.

How do you obtain a PhilHealth Insurance Card?

After you’ve completed your application for the regular one, there are some additional steps you must take in order to obtain this unique opportunity. card for PhilHealth insurance

  1. Visit their website to obtain a copy of the PhilHealth registration form.
  2. Bring this with you to the nearest PhilHealth office or any SM branch location:
  3. 2 pieces of 1 x 1 ID picture, 2 valid IDs and a photocopy of the OR of your previous payments, or any other proof of payment for PhilHealth.
  4. List all of your dependents.
  5. Pay 90 pesos for your ID and 358 pesos for your dependents if they are added.