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How To Get Sss Number Online In 2022

by | Posted on: February 12th, 2022 | No Comments |

The SSS number is a ten-digit number assigned to all compulsory and voluntary Social Security System members in the Philippines (SSS). Each SSS member is assigned a unique SSS number, which is used to track their membership, personal information, contributions, loans, and benefits, among other things.

Ultimate guide: how to get an SSS number online in 2022

So you decided to get SSS, whether you are a voluntary member, employed, self-employed, or someone that really wants to get SSS but doesn’t know how or what the process is. Due to the current pandemic, a lot of services cater to our needs through the internet. Getting SSS can also be done online.

It seems confusing if you don’t know the way and process. So let me guide your hand through how to get your SSS number online. They created a platform online to offer the best service for all SSS beneficiaries. So you are in the right place to get your SSS number online. Let’s begin.

Nowadays, millions of people rely on online services, and many of these members have the ability to conduct business online. Trying to apply for our SSS number took several days. Now, we simply need to complete a few simple online tasks in order to apply for our SSS number conveniently.

How to get SSS number thru online: Follow these steps carefully

  • The first step is to go to the SSS website. Please visit their website at www.sss.gov.ph. Simply click the icon. No SS number yet? Apply Online!
  • Complete all the required fields on the online form and click “SUBMIT.” A link will be sent to the registrant’s registered email address, allowing him or her to continue with the SSS Number application. Make sure that your email is active.
  • After clicking on the link, complete all the required fields, beginning with basic information and ending with beneficiary information.
  • Review and correct the electronically filled-out registration form prior to generating an SSS number.
  • After clicking the “Generate Social Security Number” button, the system will display the generated Social Security Number along with an option to print the ePersonal Record Form and SSS Number Slip. Additionally, the registrant will receive an email confirmation containing the generated Social Security Number, a copy of the Social Security Number Slip, and additional instructions on how to complete the application.
  • Print the ePersonal Record Form, the Social Security Number Slip, and the body of the email sent to you by the Social Security Number Issuance System regarding your SS Number Application Confirmation.
  • Proceed to the nearest SSS branch and submit your printed records, along with any other required documentation.

The following are the requirements for obtaining an SSS number online:

  1.  Primary document needed is your Birth Certificate.
  2. In the absence of a Birth Certificateany one of the mentioned identifications are acceptable:
    1. Driver License from LTO
    2. a valid Passport
    3. Certificate of Baptism
    4. a Seafarer’s ID and Record Book (Seaman’s Book)
    5. a PRC ID
  3. In the absence of the aforementioned ID or records/documents, any combination of the following documents bearing your full correct names and at least one bearing your date of birth will be suffice:
    1. a valid NBI Clearance
    2. OWWA ID
    3. Philhealth ID or MDR
    4. Postal ID
    5. TOR
    6. LTO student permit
    7. Voter’s ID
    8. TIN ID
    9. Any private membership card
    10. LGU card
    11. Homeowners ID
    12. Company ID
    13. Credit Card
    14. ATM card with your name on it
    15. Passbook bank account
    16. GSIS ID

Important Reminders:

  • Bring copy of your marriage contract or certificate if you are married.
  • If you have child(ren), bring copy (ies) of the birth certificate as well (s).
  • Your working spouse must sign before his or her name on the printed ePersonal Record Form if you are the non-working spouse. Your spouse’s signature confirms that he or she agrees to your SSS membership.
  • You status will show temporary, until you submit all the required and supporting documents required by SSS then your status will be changed to permanent
  • The loans and benefits are subject to terms and conditions, this is available only for permanent status


So that’s all that you need to know regarding how to get a SSS number online. Remember earlier that i said you need the valid and active email? Because, you can use that email address to register for a “MySSS” account, which will allow you to access and view your SSS contributions, premiums, loan applications, balances, SSS static information, and employment history online.
SSS will communicate with you via email at the address you provide in the application. Additionally, it is required when logging into the SSS’s online inquiry system. Thank you for your time, please spread this information to anyone you know.